How to become a Paid Public Speaker




Many of you will know that I am in the fortunate position of being paid when I speak at events (not always ,but often!). I thought I’d give those of you who have similar aspirations some advice which I hope will be helpful.


  • Speak for free!
  • When you first launch yourself on the speaking circuit take everything you are offered.
  • Get in front of as many different audiences as you can.
  • Aim to get yourself recognized as an expert in your field.
  • Think about subjects that you could speak about which would engage a range of audiences.
  • Work up talks of different lengths – 10 mins, 20 mins, 30 mins.
  • Have some with visual aids and some you can deliver without.
  • Start with business networking groups, rotary clubs, W.I. and similar. Sometimes you will get a meal in payment!
  • Tell everyone you connect with that you are interested in speaking.



  • When you have sufficient experience let people know that you have speeches to offer for regional business seminars and conferences.
  • You now need 45 mins, I hour and 1½ hour presentations.
  • Prepare practical seminars and formal audience addresses.
  • For large audience speeches,some form of PowerPoint presentation may be advantageous but if you can interact with your audience you may not need this.
  • Conferences usually require keynote speakers and seminar leaders so be prepared to do either.
  • When you get to this level you can expect payment.
  • Research what current fees are likely to be and pitch yours at a reasonable level.
  • No one is going top pay you ‘top dollar’ until you prove your worth.


  • When you have spoken at a conference you are likely to get bookings from companies who were present, for internal seminars, workshops or event speaking.
  • Once people hear you speak at an event and find you deliver what you promised, you will get more bookings.
  • Use the skills you have to speak at lots of other events too.
  • Do you have any non-business topics that would be of interest to arts or sport organisations?
  • Why not do what I did and apply to be a guest speaker on cruise ships?
  • The WORLD can be your oyster!



  • Look good – dress appropriately.
  • SOUND good – be heard, be distinct, be interesting vocally.
  • Be CONFIDENT- (don’t let your audience feel anxious for you)

There is no substitute for practice, so get out there and find yourself an audience.


Speak wisely

                Speak well

                        Speak Loud & Clear!

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