Lauren Samuels as Wendy in Peter Pan
at the Curve Theatre, Leicester

Hello again everyone,

Thank you so much for all your congratulations on the birth of our first granddaughter, Evelyn Ruby on 1st January. I suppose the other exciting talking point of the month was the snow! It did cause some disruption where I live in Hinckley, but there was a main road nearby so it was relatively easy to get about. Unfortunately, as a number of my clients have to travel quite a distance my timetable was somewhat disrupted on several days but everything got back to normal when the thaw set in.

Apart from visiting Evie whenever possible I have been very busy this month with preparations for a major production at the Concordia Theatre in Hinckley. The students of Hinckley Speech & Drama Studio (well – around 170 of them) are presenting ‘HSDS Has Talent’ from 11th to 13th February in aid of the Theatre’s development fund. We have borrowed the idea from the T.V. show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and have put together a variety show with everything from Victoria Wood sketches to scenes from ‘Pygmalion’, ‘Peter Pan’, ‘Mamma Mia’ and ‘Summer Holiday’. The youngsters are aged between 5 and 18 and it should be a great show. There’s nothing like the energy of youngsters on stage! Although they have all been rehearsing in their own classes, the organisation of the show as a whole has fallen on me (especially as my daughter, Debbie, has other things to occupy her!). I have been co-ordinating lighting schedules, sound schedules, music soundtracks, dressing room helpers, stage props and scenery etc. It’s fairly time consuming but as we hope to raise in excess of £6000 for the Concordia Theatre it will be worth it. Do have a look at one of the best amateur theatres in the country here.

I had the pleasure of seeing an ex-student of mine, Lauren Samuels, in her first professional role as Wendy in ‘Peter Pan’ at The Curve, Leicester recently. She received excellent reviews and I was suitably proud. I was also highly delighted to be approached by a reporter from the Sunday Times to give my opinion on the communication skills of teenagers in interviews. This appears to have happened because I am very high on Google for voice coaching and I was consulted as an expert on the voice and it’s use – very gratifying.

I managed to get one workshop in before the snow hit. On 4 January I was in Cheshire delivering a half day course on using the voice in the classroom for an inset teachers day. I worked with 18 junior school teachers on voice projection and vocal effectiveness. This work is very important to enable teachers to keep working safely and I endorse all the marvellous work done by The Voice Care Network U.K. for whom I am an accredited tutor.

Later in the month I took a seminar for Birmingham City Council at their NQT conference at the Botanical Gardens (a lovely venue). There was a sense of fun at the Spice event I lead with my ‘Something to Shout About’ workshop on 17 January with around 20 adults taking part in the practical session. The next day I enjoyed speaking at the ladies luncheon club at Botcheston, leics., where I presented ‘The Changing Shape of Fashion’ to around 70 members. Another of my open workshops took place on 26 January. This time it was ‘Dynamic Speaking’ with filmed presentations and a great group of speakers who gave the following feedback:

“Good sized group & group dynamics. Great interaction & feedback”
“Five out of five because venue, group size, positivity & tutor were great. Priscilla is very knowledgeable and easy to work with”
“Priscilla lives what she teaches”

“A very practical day with many different exercises”

“Lots of good information which I need to start to put into practice”

I managed to find time to attend 10 different networking clubs during the month all over Leicestershire and Warwickshire to promote my 2010 open workshops. These are the ones I am booking at the moment:

26 February – Solihull ‘Voice Matters’ £160
11 March – Solihull ‘Dynamic Speaking’ £210

23 March – Leicester ‘Voice Matters’ £160

As you know, my client base is very varied and I have been delighted to start work with a blind businessman this month. Lee Greatbatch of BizAbilityUK Ltd is a great advert for determination and positivity (just try Googling his name and you’ll see what I mean!) – oh yes and Raffles (his guide dog) is quite a character!

I will sign off now before I fall asleep with the pen in my hand! February looks pretty busy so onwards and upwards…..

Tip of the month – take a deep breath to settle nerves and project the voice forward without strain. People will take notice. A little effort produces results. See you in March – until then:

Speak wisely
Speak well

Speak Loud & Clear!

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Published Date: 3rd February 2010
Category: Recent

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