“What on Earth is that?” you may ask. Well, it’s up there with divorce and death as being one of the moist stressful events in our lives…….

Glossophobia is the fear of PUBLIC SPEAKING!

I have met many executives for whom, this is a major headache but it needn’t be an insoluable problem. Knowledge is power and if you understand how to use your voice to make your presentation memorable you will gain confidence and find it easier to control your nerves. So here are a few tips…..

  1. Let your breath support your voice and control nerves
  2. Open your mouth and let the sound out
  3. Take your time – use pauses for structure
  4. Prepare fully and PRACTICE

And if you’re still worried come and see me. If you only ever do a one minute networking business introduction you still need to understand how you can impact on people and make yourself memorable. If you regularly train others or speak to groups this becomes essential knowledge but amazingly many people still get up in front of an audience without understanding how to use the voice persuasively. Don’t be one of them!

Well, the snow certainly made a mess of plans in early February. I was lucky that my Voice Matters!’ workshop on the 4th at Leicester occurred between two snow ‘events’ and we all managed to get there. One of the delegates was the C.E.O. of Rainbows children’s charity in Leicester and I am delighted to say that we will now be continuing training to make him a confident ambassador for the charity.

I attended 11 networking events during the month to make contacts and ‘spread the word’. This is an essential element of my business and enable me to generate new clients for 1-2-1 sessions and my open workshops. The result is that as I write this my next ‘Voice Matters!’ on 11 March at Leicester and 22 April at Solihull and the ‘Dynamic Speaking’ course on 13 May at Leicester are filling quickly.

I mentioned last month that I had become an approved supplier with Business Link and Train to Gain. This month we learned that funding is available in the East Midlands for businesses with only 2 partners which has really opened up the number of people we can help. We currently have a dozen businesses going through the process to receive free training and it all looks very hopeful. Do look at your own Business Link funding streams as there is plenty of funding available.

On 11 February I spent a great day training the managing director and senior managers of the Leicester Primary Care Trust (NHS) and I am hoping to continue the training later this year.

I enjoyed exhibiting at business events in Derby and Daventry during the month (although the feet complained a bit!). You always meet such a diverse group of people at open exhibitions and very often the first question is ‘who do you work with?’ – the answer, of course, is anybody.

I delivered another Voice Protection & Projection workshop for the ASA, this time in Colwyn Bay. I thoroughly enjoyed a women’s inspirational session in Solihull run by Switched-On-Biz and completed my first morning of volunteering as a business helper for the Leicester Enterprise Business Company. This was such an interesting morning at Ratcliffe College where 14 & 15 year olds were given the task of designing, costing and marketing an ethical holiday village. They came up with some great ideas and I thoroughly enjoyed being involved. Well, the month wasn’t all work but the ‘play’ turned out to be very focussed on ballroom dancing. We had an energetic evening at a Valentines Ball where the theme of hearts and roses resulted in some lovely dresses and interesting bow ties! Then I found myself at the NEC watching the last night of the Strictly Come Dancing tour. It was made memorable by the hilarious comments of Julian Clary – I would certainly recommend him if you get the chance to watch his one-man show. So, I’m girding my loins for a very busy March with 3 festivals to adjudicate, 7 days of examining, an evening speaking slot for Women in Management, 2 full day ‘Voice Matters!’ workshops and a half day Voice Protection session in Nottingham. Keep positive and make sure you continue to market your business wherever you can. The money is out there so look for the freebies and generate interest for yourself. I have individual clients coming from Worcester, London and Hampshire next week as well as East and West Midlands. If I can do it, so can you!

Good Luck!

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Published Date: 2nd March 2009
Category: Recent

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