Hi everyone – I hope you’re enjoying a relaxing summer whether you’re on holiday or having to work!

Why is it that you can spend all summer scouring the T.V. paper for something worth watching and then a vital piece of viewing appears while you are on holiday!

I’m afraid I have to admit to enjoying the odd episode of Coronation Street and last year was particularly exciting as an ex-student of mine, Graeme Hawley, played a major character. He managed to figure in the Christmas Day story when h was ‘floored’ by Kevin’s punch in the middle of the street for having an affair with his 16 year old daughter. Graeme was kind enough to give me a filmed testimonial on my recently completed promotional DVD and he gave me a hint that he might be back on the ‘Street’ and lo and behold he is! Unfortunately he reappeared on the day we left for a week in Jersey so I haven’t managed to catch up with his story yet but I’m working on it.

The week in Jersey was absolutely great. The weather couldn’t have been better and we loved the varied beaches and coves. Every one seemed to have it’s own beach café with delicious seafood freshly cooked – not to forget Jersey ice-cream!

As I mentioned in last month’s blog, July has not been as busy s June although the first two weeks were still pretty frantic. I started by flying over to Dublin to take a workshop on devised performance and acting for a new LAMDA centre at the Gaiety School of Acting. I flew back at 10.00pm and had to be in Stalybridge in Cheshire the next day for 9.30am.! When I finished there it was straight to Sheffield for another day of examining so I was glad of a day off when I came back. Other examining contracts took me to Derbyshire, back up to Sale in Manchester and finally to Reading on the 18th.

I had two speaking engagements in the first half of the month. The first was for a new networking event organised by Business networking Clubs at Blaby where I spoke on how your voice can make an impact in business and the second was for the Hinckley chapter of the Rotary Club. As this was an after dinner speech I chose to reminisce on my travels in Bermuda, Sri Lanka and Hong Kong as an adjudicator. I really enjoyed going through my photos an diaries of the trips to put the content together.

Most of my voice workshops take place ‘in-house’ on company premises but I have had so many requests from individuals and smaller businesses to attend these that I have decided to deliver some open sessions to accommodate this. I have taken the plunge and booked a room at the Marriott Hotel, junction 21 of the M1, for my first open voice workshops this autumn. The will take place on 24 September and 15 November from 1.00am to 4.00pm and will be a very practical exploration of everything to do with using the voice for business.

It is amazing that we use our voices every day and yet the majority of us know nothing about it at all! If you live in the Midlands and are a little intrigued by the prospect of a ‘Voice’ workshop, here are a few more details:

Voice Matters!

Would you survive in the ‘Dragons’ Den’?

Interested in becoming more dynamic in sales or management?

Learn ow the voice works

How it impacts on new client meetings

How to deliver a powerful sales message

How to be a dynamic speaker

How o modulate your words

‘Sell yourself’ to grow your business

protect you voice from damage

Learn how to improve your telephone manner

and much more.

Cost effective training that is GUARANTEED to make a difference to your business. A special introductory price to include lunch, refreshments and parking. give me a call or contact me through my website.

I was interviewed by Monica Winfield at the BBC Radio Leicester studios on August 2nd and you will be able to hear me on her programme Sunday August 10th between 1.00pm and 3.00pm.

Vocal tip of the month

A sales message becomes stale because the person speaking forgets to think about the meaning of the words. If you really apply ‘positive thinking’ to your words you will make your voice move more naturally and with more modulation to hold the interest of the listener. Sincerity will get you noticed.

See you in August!

And don’t forget

Speak Wisely, Speak well, Speak Loud & Clear!

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Published Date: 3rd August 2008
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