Hello again everyone,

I managed to mix work and play during May with a fair amount of travelling involved in both!

My LAMDA examining work took me to Oakham, Birmingham, Milton Keynes and Berkshire but my greatest geographical challenge resulted from two adjudicating bookings in Cheltenham and Ilkley, Yorkshire. The festivals were on sucessive days so when finishing in Cheltenham at 6pm on May 11th I had to drive straight up to Ilkley for a morning start the next day. Just my luck that there were traffic jams on the M5 and M6 and then my Sat Nav froze totally and refused to re-boot! I had memorised the major part of the route but did get rather lost around Bradford (don’t laugh!) and took a while to find my hotel because the chap at a filling station couldn’t explain the direction in the way a lady needs – you know what I mean girls “turn right at the lights with MacDonalds on the corner”! Never mind, I got there just before 11pm and the festival days were made even more enjoyable by the opportunity to spend my fees in some excellent Italian shoe shops.

On the ‘play’ front I got in a little walking in Derbyshire on one of the few decent days and then danced the nght away at a ballroom social in Congleton during a family visit. Howefer, my most memorable night out was to ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ directed by Gregory Doran at the Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford. those who know me will know that I am a great lover of the Bard and I must have seen this play a dozen times but this was the best ever! It was magical, clever, extremely funny, vizually stunning and the best oppotunity for introducing youngsters to Shakespeare in a long time. It’s on throughout the season so get a ticket if you can.

Now I hope you’ll excuse me if I blow my own trumpet (I know my husband usually does it for real but I mean to metaphorically!)

  • See me in action!
    In April this year a new, young and very enthusiastic company, Affixxius Productions (http://www.affixxius.co.uk/), spent a day filming me delivering a voice workshops to a variety of business professionals. 10 hours across 3 cameras by four crew members has been reduced to just 10 minutes for my new promotional DVD. I know how difficult it is to describe my work in words so here is your chance to get a flavour of my unique, fun workshops by seeing me in action. If your company is interested in me delivering innovative training then send me an email today for your free copy.

    There are many people out there with flashy websites purporting to be experts in voice coaching, presentation skills, sales motivation etc. When you take the trouble to look a little deeper how many have qualifications to back up those claims? You can see from my full CV that I do have those qualifications and more – Experience! I have that in bucket loads after 36 years from performing live on stage through judging oral communication worldwide to being a keynote speaker at a national sports conference alongside Duncan Goodhew.

    I KNOW my business and I KNOW how to improve YOURS. When you stop to think about it, what sort of feedback does your company have about the first impression made by your managers, sales reps or front of house staff?
    Do you use employees who have English as a second language – most hotels these days seem to. When booking a hotel room can they be clearly understood?
    Do you send managers to conferences to deliver seminars promoting your products/services – how effective are they? Can they be heard at the back? Are the audience attentive throughout – most importantly did they get the message across? Do your tele-sales staff suffer from tired voices, croakiness or even voice loss? They might not take sick leave but is their effectiveness diminished? Is it possible you are missing sales or losing vital contracts because of poor first impressions?

    I know the answers to all of the above through years of practical help given across the UK, Far East and USA.

My clients have:

  • gained promotion through the successful softening of strong regional accents
  • increased sales from greater confidence by improving their vocal clarity, tone and articulation
  • improved their stature in the business community by altering the pitch of their voice (remember that Margaret Thatcher lowered hers!)
  • learned how to power the voice to get the business message across
  • developed techniques to give life-long protection for the voice in difficult environments.

My courses are tailor-made to your company’s requirements. I can deliver in either a lecture style or ½ or full day courses. These can be held at your premises or high specification conference centres can be arranged on your behalf. 1 to 1 sessions are available on a limited basis at my own premises in Leicestershire.

These are NOT soft skills – this is the real world where the first 6 seconds of contact can make or break a deal and where, in my opinion, the voice can be the turning (or the turning off!) point.

Finally, don’t forget to ask your local Business Link Advisor about matched funding for management training. I know that for East Midlands based companies funding is available now.

As you can tell I’m pretty excited by my latest venture and I’ll be delighted to send you your free DVD so give me a call.

See you in July.
Take care………..Speak Wisely, Speak well, Speak

Loud & Clear!

Contact Priscilla:

Tel: 01455 230317


Published Date: 3rd June 2008
Category: Recent

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