Students are doing it for themselves! (Annie Lennox)

Presentation of cheque for £7000 to the Concordia Theatre from proceeds of
HSDS Has Talent
Left to right Priscilla, Jeremy Hold (Chairman of Concordia Association) Sara Bright (Musical Theatre teacher) and (kneeling) Debbie Cunningham (Speech & Drama teacher)

Hello again,

There were a couple of things I was particularly proud of in February. The first was a get together of the ‘Alice Hawkins’ project which had been coordinated by LeicstHERday. This fascinating project had been taking place over the last 18 months and celebrates the life of the suffragette Alice Hawkins who was Leicester born and bred and played an important role in the ‘votes for women’ campaign. In her memory it was decided to make an audio and video record of the lives of around 150 women in Leicestershire and I was pleased to be one of them. My (pretty ordinary) recording is now residing with all the others in the Wigston records office for others to hear in years to come. Some of the videos we saw at the lunch on 5 February were inspiring – fascinating insights into life in Leicestershire over the last century.

My second ‘special moment’ of the month was standing on stage at the end of ‘HSDS Has Talent’ with 170 youngsters behind me to announce that we had raised £7000 for the Concordia Theatre, Hinckley. We sold 900 tickets for the 3 shows and I think everyone, cast and audience, had a great time so it was well worth the 3 VERY late nights pre show setting up all the technical requirements. Visit the HSDS website here.

I began the month with back to back speaking engagements. On 2 February it was a talk on my work abroad in Sri Lanka, Bermuda, Texas and Hong Kong before 60 ladies at the Phoenix Club, Burbage. On 3 February I was exhibiting and speaking on ‘using your voice as a marketing tool’ at a mixed ‘Mind Your Own Business’ event in Hinckley and on the 4th it was ‘How to make an impact’ at 4 Networking, Coventry. I also spoke for Business Networking South West Leics. and Vanilla Recruitment at Market Harborough (a lunch time event for 35 of their business clients)

Workshops were also again at the forefront with another of my highly successful @Voice matters’ days on 26 February – this time at Solihull. You can see numerous testimonials for these here. I took a bespoke workshop for Leicestershire Education Business Company which everyone found really useful. There were 2 Amateur Swimming Association CPD workshops which I have run as their Voice Consultant for over 12 years on Voice Protection & Projection. One in Tavistock and the other in Crawley. No one can say I don’t get about a lot!

So, was there time for anything else? – oh yes! I attended 9 breakfast and lunch networking events, adjudicated the Mrs Sunderland Festival at Huddersfield for 2 days and attended a good friend’s 80th birthday celebration. I also started Tweeting with more regularity during February. So if you really have nothing better to do you can follow me at……

March looks incredibly busy once again with 1 week in Stamford and 1 week in Malta (yes, it is for work!)

My tip this month is based on something I heard on the Tonight programme (Radio 4) a few weeks ago:

Tip of the month
A scientific survey recently proved that the voice we like most is middle-of-the-road (i.e. no strong accent), clear and friendly. So put a smile on your face and work positively to be clear in your speech.

The open courses have proved so popular in the last 18 months that you can now book up to June 2010:

11 March – Solihull ‘Dynamic Speaking’ (advanced presentation skills)
Last 2 places at £170 (special offer)

23 March – Leicester Voice Matters’

3 places remaining at discount £140

26 April – Leicester ‘Dynamic Speaking’
£210 – deposit £100

24 May – Solihull ‘Voice Matters’
£160 – deposit £80

18 June – Leicester ‘Voice Matters’

£160 – deposit £80

You can pay by BACS:
a/n: 01603698
sort code: 72-00-00

All details on website here

That’s it for this month and don’t forget:

Speak wisely, speak well, speak
Loud & Clear! ljflakjlhsd
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