Confused01Science tells us that we notice specific things when we first meet somebody:

1)            How they look
2)            How they sound

I’m going to deal with the second one in this blog.

  • Remember that a voice will affect an audience emotionally so it is important that you connect with your words from the start.
  • Begin with a smile on your face to give the tone warmth.
  • Have control of your pace so that what you are saying can be easily processed.
  • Speak clearly to be understood.  This just involves completing your words but habits die hard – so practice.
  • If you have an accent, (UK or foreign) allow people extra time to ‘translate’.
  • Volume should be appropriate.  Do you breathe properly and open your mouth enough?

startledRemember that pauses make it easier for information to be processed so don’t underestimate their importance.

  • If you habitually speak quickly you probably don’t use pauses enough.
  • Do you engage someone with the modulation of your voice?
  • Right from your first word show your feelings in the movement of your voice.
  • Pitch is the element of modulation we notice first.  Does yours sit in an appropriate place?
  • Generally the lower pitches, (in men and women), indicate confidence, maturity and gravitas.  Higher pitches show enthusiasm and energy but can also sound young and (in a female), lack leadership.
  • If you care about how you are affecting the listener your tone colour will sound natural to them.
  • Let your concentration lapse and you will sound insincere.

thumbs up

I hope that whistle-stop tour of basic oral communication skills helps you to influence others positively.

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