1 to 1 Voice Coaching – Bespoke Training designed to give you the edge

One to One Voice CoachingVoice Coaching can take you to the next level

  • Find a varied and interesting voice
  • Perfect your body language
  • Reduce your local or national accent
  • Acquire a louder or quieter voice
  • Engage with your message
  • Let your face communicate
  • Protect your vocal instrument
  • Control nerves with power breathing
  • Presentation techniques to ‘Knock-’em-dead!’
  • Reading aloud skills
  • How to sell yourself at interviews
  • How to conduct meetings
  • Pronunciation and intonation

It wasn’t until I frightened a shopping assistant, that I realised I
had a problem with my voice.
As a Trans’ person, I needed some rather unique tuition. I pass
En-femme in public – that is until I talk.
Priscilla took my initial request for help professionally, showing
great interest in where my problems lay. At my one to one tutorials, I
was given a series of exercises to help bring out my “inner girl”.
I’m now more confident, and use many of the tools I was taught
Thank you for all the help you gave me.

Katie Crossley
I would just like to thank you again for all your help over the years I studied with you. I have recently graduated from the University of Bedfordshire with a 2:1 in Theatre and Professional Practice and am now studying a Masters in Theatre: Writing, Directing and Performance at the University of York. It is over these past few years I have really appreciated the knowledge you shared with me as it has most definitely helped me get as far as I have, and will continue to aid me in my studies.

John Potter, Product Director, G4S Monitoring Technologies
Priscilla’s coaching helped me to see that a simple set of techniques can be used to improve voice control and that real tangible improvements can be made by anyone. She has both theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject and combines this with her excellent communication skills to get the message across. My voice has increased in volume and clarity. Thanks Priscilla.

Kathryn Thomas, Strategy and Commercial Manager, The Co-operative Banking Group

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Priscilla through 121 sessions and I have also attended the Voice Matters and Dynamic Speaking courses. Priscilla’s approach and developmental feedback have proved to be invaluable. She is able to put individuals and groups at their ease to get the best out of the sessions. I’ve learned new skills and techniques, which I’ve been able to apply successfully in practical situations receiving feedback from colleagues about the positive difference they are seeing. My confidence has grown significantly and in the next month I will be able to use what I’ve learned in entirely new situations as I embark on a different direction in my career. Thanks Priscilla and I look forward to continuing our work.”

Leanne Bonner-Cooke, Evolve Management Consultants, Leicester

“I met with Priscilla for a series of very useful one to one sessions. I like the practical aspects of the mentoring for my specific issues (not breathing, talking to fast) and got plenty of tips that I can use when speaking. It is amazing that once you know how to correct your issues you sound so much better. The biggest challenge for me is to keep practicing as it is easy to fall back into old ways. Thank you Priscilla”

Mark Wallbank, businessman

A short albeit late thank you note for all your assistance with my 1-2-1 training sessions. Your voice coaching lessons have provided me with very practical techniques to help me develop a stronger voice with greater tone that will help me to engage and influence colleagues at work.

Kalamangi Costello EFT/NLP Practitioner 

My private sessions with Priscilla have been awesome. Excellent practical advice and it was relevant to me. I have more confidence in my workshop presentation skills. I would recommend her to anyone.