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Voice Coaching can take you to the next level

  • Find a varied and interesting voice
  • Perfect your body language
  • Reduce your local or national accent
  • Acquire a louder or quieter voice
  • Engage with your message
  • Let your face communicate
  • Protect your vocal instrument
  • Control nerves with power breathing
  • Presentation techniques to ‘Knock-’em-dead!’
  • Reading aloud skills
  • How to sell yourself at interviews
  • How to conduct meetings
  • Pronunciation and intonation



Raj Patel – dental surgeon
The ability to communicate in the modern world is as essential to life, as breathing, no matter what one does. Both of which we think we are doing ok until shown how to be more effective and efficient.
Priscilla has a gift, to literally breathe new life, into who you are. Priscilla has a warm and energetic approach to help develop oneself. Her passion for what she does is profound and visible from her achievements and continued teaching. We are never too old, and it’s never too late, to learn from Priscilla. If only I was taught this at school, a valuable life lesson, that should be part of basic learning of the English language. Thank you Priscilla.

Shelley Rogers
I just wanted to let you know what an impact you have had on me.  I feel so much better in myself because since coming to you I haven’t lost my voice once. I am also able to change the pitch of my voice without my throat getting tight. I am finding public speaking much easier too. I believe that all of this is one of the reasons I have secured a new job. From September I will be a headteacher. I am so excited for my new adventure. Thank you for being part of the journey in getting me there.
Kind regards,

Jon Smith – Airline Pilot

Priscilla expertly helped build my impact when speaking as well as my understanding of what I needed to achieve by clever assessment, honest feedback and clear instruction, obviously drawing from years of experience – problems were nailed really quickly.

Priscilla has a lovely manner, all the time making you aware of the fascinating science of the human voice and even though I only had a few lessons I now see speech and how others will listen in a completely different way.

I heartily recommend her assistance – even if you are just thinking of voice coaching give her a ring, you will not regret it. Enjoy that new found confidence!

Nikolett Balazs
Priscilla is brilliant, highly professional, very experienced and a lovely person to work with! I had an hour a month of one-on-one lessons, over an 8-month period. I elected to have the face-to-face lessons rather than Skype option as I found it much more personal and beneficial.

As I am not a native English speaker, my intention, partly, was to soften my accent and also to take my English to a higher level. I have definitely achieved this through these sessions. This is the ‘little extra’, which cannot be found in language books and is hardly mentioned in language classes. I have learned about and focused on emphasis, pitch, tone and neutral vowels, which I never paid much attention to even in my mother tongue.

The other reason I wanted these lessons was to help with presenting information as part of my work involves talking to groups and I have struggled in the past with passing on information clearly and confidently. Priscilla has helped me immensely with this and I am really noticing the difference in my work.

I highly recommend these sessions to anyone, regardless of whatever professional path they may be on. This is a transferable skill, which can be a great benefit for any personal or professional situation throughout your life.

Hernan Galvis -Engineering Business Improvement Leader
Priscilla was a great teacher, full of energy and commitment to help you achieve your objectives. I’d definitely recommend anyone who has to do public speaking or talk to teams in any company to take the programme.

Alice Cooper – Cranford Coaching
I visited Priscilla to build my impact when speaking, get feedback on my voice technique, and for my on-going personal and professional development (both for myself and for my work with my own clients). She was able to give honest practical feedback with the benefit of many years of experience of a wide range of situations, and the sessions were practical and practice based on my specific situation. I have gone away with a wealth of new techniques and exercises to practice and embed. Most importantly for me, the sessions were light-hearted and felt like a really enjoyable way to spend my precious development/’me’ time!

Sasha Owen
I was recommended Priscilla as a voice coach as I am transitioning from male to female and your voice is a significant factor in being identified as female. Priscilla has worked with transgender clients before and I was very impressed with her range of clients. When we met the first time Priscilla was lovely and so understanding and  accepting of me that I was immediately at ease. I had no idea what to expect and Priscilla explained the way she would work with me to modify my voice and how she could help me.
I realised almost immediately that it is not simply pitch that matters, but a much wider range of skills and variations in the female voice from the male voice. The exercises we did together in our sessions and the homework exercises started to change my voice noticeably. In any change like this practice practice practice is key and each time we met Priscilla followed up on the previous session and gave me feedback on areas to work on  and positive reinforcement of the aspects I had mastered. This motivation really helped me move ahead.
Having worked with actors and actresses as well as being a public speaker Priscilla helped give the confidence to be more expressive and use emotion in my voice and over the 4 sessions the changes were truly amazing.
I cannot thank or recommend Priscilla highly enough for anyone seeking help with voice coaching and for transgender clients I can say she is accepting, caring, professional and a lovely person who will help you on your journey.

Technology CEO
As a busy C-level executive clear, verbal communication is a vital everyday tool. Voice training with Priscilla Morris has made a huge difference to my confidence when speaking to individuals and groups. The techniques she has taught me ripple through every conversation, meeting and presentation and have helped me to become a more professional and well-rounded speaker at work and in my social life. People want to listen and respond more positively than before!

Shona Whitehead, Cogent Blue
I would warmly recommend Priscilla’s services as a voice coach. Priscilla was adept at pin-pointing where coaching was needed and worked well, with me, on a one to one basis. The experience overall boosted my confidence and ability to prepare for presentations. I am certain I will be calling on her support in the future.

Jessica Liu
I am writing to thank you for the helpful sessions that we have had over the past few months, and for your incisive and professional approach to pronunciation coaching. After the first session with Priscilla, I decided to continue as she covered a lot of issues and I realised that she could help me to improve my skills in speaking English. I knew these would be useful to me in my personal and work life. 

Thank you for your support and hope to have more lessons in the future. 

It wasn’t until I frightened a shopping assistant, that I realised I
had a problem with my voice.
As a Trans’ person, I needed some rather unique tuition. I pass
En-femme in public – that is until I talk.
Priscilla took my initial request for help professionally, showing
great interest in where my problems lay. At my one to one tutorials, I
was given a series of exercises to help bring out my “inner girl”.
I’m now more confident, and use many of the tools I was taught
Thank you for all the help you gave me.

Katie Crossley
I would just like to thank you again for all your help over the years I studied with you. I have recently graduated from the University of Bedfordshire with a 2:1 in Theatre and Professional Practice and am now studying a Masters in Theatre: Writing, Directing and Performance at the University of York. It is over these past few years I have really appreciated the knowledge you shared with me as it has most definitely helped me get as far as I have, and will continue to aid me in my studies.

John Potter, Product Director, G4S Monitoring Technologies
Priscilla’s coaching helped me to see that a simple set of techniques can be used to improve voice control and that real tangible improvements can be made by anyone. She has both theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject and combines this with her excellent communication skills to get the message across. My voice has increased in volume and clarity. Thanks Priscilla.

Kathryn Thomas, Strategy and Commercial Manager, The Co-operative Banking Group

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Priscilla through 121 sessions and I have also attended the Voice Matters and Dynamic Speaking courses. Priscilla’s approach and developmental feedback have proved to be invaluable. She is able to put individuals and groups at their ease to get the best out of the sessions. I’ve learned new skills and techniques, which I’ve been able to apply successfully in practical situations receiving feedback from colleagues about the positive difference they are seeing. My confidence has grown significantly and in the next month I will be able to use what I’ve learned in entirely new situations as I embark on a different direction in my career. Thanks Priscilla and I look forward to continuing our work.”

Leanne Bonner-Cooke, Evolve Management Consultants, Leicester

“I met with Priscilla for a series of very useful one to one sessions. I like the practical aspects of the mentoring for my specific issues (not breathing, talking to fast) and got plenty of tips that I can use when speaking. It is amazing that once you know how to correct your issues you sound so much better. The biggest challenge for me is to keep practicing as it is easy to fall back into old ways. Thank you Priscilla”

Mark Wallbank, businessman

A short albeit late thank you note for all your assistance with my 1-2-1 training sessions. Your voice coaching lessons have provided me with very practical techniques to help me develop a stronger voice with greater tone that will help me to engage and influence colleagues at work.

Kalamangi Costello EFT/NLP Practitioner 

My private sessions with Priscilla have been awesome. Excellent practical advice and it was relevant to me. I have more confidence in my workshop presentation skills. I would recommend her to anyone.

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