Thank you for your interest, I am looking forward to working with you.  You will find my terms and conditions below.  The first session will involve assessment of your needs and I can then give you guidance as to the number of sessions required to achieve your goals.

One-to-one coaching at my home studio – £90 per hour
Skype coaching £100 per hour (to include preparation of course material)
Workshops – from £750 per half-day or from £1200 per full-day.

Payment method:
BACS (preferred)
Cheque payable to Loud & Clear
Credit card (in person or by phone)

All appointment fees are due at the time of booking by card.  Payment by BACS/Cheque within 4 days of emailed invoice.

Changes to booked appointments.
Up to 3 days before, you may advance your appointment by up to 2 weeks without charge.  This option is only available once for each appointment.

Cancellations under 48 hours notice are charged at the full rate

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