Presentation Skills Training

Do you make an impact?
Does your audience ‘hear’ your message?
Do they leave being inspired?
Do you suffer from glossophobia? (fear of speaking in public)
Do you dry up part-way through your talk?
Is your speech full of hesitations, umms and ahh’s?

In my 40 years experience as a professional key-note speaker, examiner, actor and voice coach I have seen them all!  Many people are expert in their field but when it comes to getting across important messages they forget even simple things such as pausing to allow the audience to read the text on the screen or allow time (just a second or 2) for them to think about what you said.

You may not realise that you have just a few seconds to grab their attention, whether this is round-the-table pitching your company’s sales to a prospective client or delivering an important speech to 100’s at an annual conference.

With the right techniques anyone can be a competent and respected speaker.

Coaching is available via:

  • Bespoke in-house workshops
  • 1-2-1 training, in Hinckley, Leics & by Skype
  • Diplomas in Public Speaking

Bespoke in-house training
Recent clients include National Grid, Capital One Bank, BT (we have approved supplier status).
Courses are designed to help you deliver memorable presentations.  The focus is on using the voice & body-language to get your message across – not on how pretty your PowerPoint is!

We deliver a diverse range of workshops.  Some examples:
National Grid – engineer team leaders having for the first time to stand up in front of groups to deliver reports – Presentation Skills training.
Capital One Bank – Fraud team managers having to deliver training to staff – How to Influence & Persuade
Commission Air (Aerial Photography Company) – telesales team needing to improve their sales figures – this included showing them how to change their facial expression, clarity, modulation and vocal delivery together with listening skills on the phone.
BT– A ladies-only course on ‘Being Vocal in a Man’s World’ –
A practical workshop to develop effectiveness in a male environment.

1-2-1 Coaching
This has benefited 1000’s of individuals to improve such things as:
Accent reduction to be more readily understood
Projecting your message without a microphone
Controlling the pace to achieve spontaneous timing
Finding charisma through vocal modulation
How to make your mark when networking
An effective one minute elevator pitch

Qualifications in Public Speaking
Advanced LAMDA medals
Intermediate Certificate Personal & Professional Communication
DipLCM in Personal & Professional Communication
Both – London College of Music at Thames Valley University

Please call to discuss options and packages available:

0800 0834 082


Alison Fox, celebrant
I’d like to thank Priscilla for her wisdom, guidance, and expertise when it comes to public speaking. She has a wealth of knowledge on speaking in any public arena and is really approachable. Her passion for helping people to communicate confidently shines through. I’m very happy to recommend her!

Paul Wilson, PRwilson Media
Priscilla you are a legend!! In my profession as a social media trainer and speaker, clear and confident communication is a must. As much as I enjoy being an instructor, I knew I had some bad habits that needed addressing such as occasional mumbling, going off topic, losing my thread,
As soon as I met Priscilla when I hosted her at a business networking event as a guest speaker on delivering elevator pitches I knew instantly that she had the expertise I was looking for. 3 months and 5 sessions later, she’s absolutely transformed the way I present and speak. Projection, Clarity, pitch, tone, pauses, ways to engage and involve the audience. Finally I can throw away the notes and be confident I’ll never need to read from an A4 sheet again. The audience feedback from recent presentations has been brilliant. What an incredible investment -one that I’m sure will pay off for many years to come -Can’t recommend Priscilla highly enough, thanks to her guidance, I feel I’m already taking my business to the next level.

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate
Just wanted to let you know that after working with you, I was selected for the first seat that I applied for!
I really couldn’t have done this without your help and just wanted to thank you again for everything that you did. To be able to stand in front of people with such confidence was something 12 months ago I never dreamed I could achieve.
I am sure that I will need your expertise again in the future and really look forward to working with you

Graham Speechley, Business Leaders Learning Group
Priscilla, you were excellent, we thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot. First rate – and we see a lot of top quality speakers so we do have a benchmark.