These courses are only available for ‘in-house’ delivery

Protection and Projection for all high voice users

An accredited CPD course for the Institute of Swimming (ASA) and recommended by the Swimming Teachers Association helpful for all school teachers, trainers, call centre operatives etc.

If you use your voice all day on the phone, you should know how your voice works and how to look after it.

  • How the voice works
  • Taking care of the voice
  • Posture
  • Breath support
  • Pitch
  • Flexibility
  • Vocal warm-up
  • Protection techniques
  • Trouble shooting
  • Individual vocal analysis
  • Environment
  • Noise
  • Coping with illness
  • Telephone techniques

WORK HOARSE! – The TUC has flagged up the problems caused by vocal abuse in the workplace as a Health & Safety issue. Low humidity, stress, tiredness, poor air quality, chemicals, seating posture can all affect the vocal cords and what the listener hears.

Martin Bradbury, Swimming Development Manager, Halifax Council
Many thanks for the course yesterday it was very enjoyable the tutoring was excellent and skills learned will be put into practice again today 

Thanks again


Sarah Porter, Sussex County Swimming Coordinator – Voice Protection Workshop, K2 Crawley

A rather late but heartfelt thank you for an enjoyable 3 hours last Saturday. It was great to see teachers getting really involved and getting some useful information and techniques that will be of direct benefit to them. The evaluation forms were all very complimentary of your delivery and enthusiasm, and I agree entirely, it was a pleasure to be in your workshop. I have forwarded comments to the I.O.S. regards teachers feeling that emphasis should be stressed upon teachers at qualification time to look after their voice.


Julie Carmee – Bosworth Academy

It was a delight having Priscilla come along to the Bosworth Academy to give a lecture to the Swimming Teaching Staff on ‘voice projection and voice protection’. It was a topic the staff had not covered before and hence our enthusiasm to see if our technique could be improved. Priscilla presented the seminar in a relaxing and informative way and all enjoyed the practical elements that, at times, were very funny. We all came away appreciating the importance of breathing correctly; conscious of using the shape of the mouth and tongue when speaking and hydrating in order to prevent damage to our vocal cords and improve the way instructions are relayed. From the Swimming Teaching Staff at Bosworth Academy, Desford, Leicester.