Worth waiting for……….!

Hello everyone,
In August Stewart & I will be celebrating 40 years together.  How on earth did we get to our Ruby anniversary?  It’s quite an achievement, I think you’ll all agree and I’ve been thinking about how we began.
We met at Music & Drama College in London where I was an acting student and Stewart was studying to be a musician.
Our first house cost £7200 (things have definitely changed there!)  I seem to remember we had a bed, fridge and a washing machine as presents.  In our lounge there was a flat-pack bookcase, a circular rug on the tiled floor and one armchair.  The other furniture came along as we could afford it, and we really appreciated every piece.
Am I being old fashioned in believing that this is better than borrowing up front to get everything immediately?
Now for something completely different.  Last week we went to see the last Harry Potter film.  I’ve read all the books and seen all the films and this final installment was certainly worth waiting for.  Great performances and effects made this a cracking finale and of course I thoroughly enjoyed the dramatic climax!  The 3D wasn’t much to write home about but you can’t have everything.
My third and last ‘worth waiting for’ moment came last year when our wonderful granddaughter was born.  I had to wait a full 20 years longer than my mother did and again this seems to be a shift in behaviour from one generation to the next.  Never mind, as we are all getting younger (so they say) I am looking forward to seeing Evie grow up and perhaps have a brother or sister – who knows!
Now for business matters.  I am very pleased to say that the 12 September ‘Being Loud & Clear’ at Leicester is now on waiting list only and it’s sister course on 8 November is also heavily booked.  Ladies….you still have time to learn how men tick in communication terms as there are places on my ‘Being Vocal in a Man’s World’ on 20 September.
All of my three half-day courses are also available between September and December in Solihull, Lincoln & Farnborough, Hants.  Please pass this on to any business contacts you have in those areas.  Your help will be much appreciated.
Thanks for the many responses to ‘Priscilla’s Perfect Poem’.  I seem to have amused many of you and it brought in some business too!
I started my annual business sabbatical on 25 July so I was only working for 3 weeks but still managed to fit in 10 networking events, 6 speaking engagements, a day examining for LAMDA in Leeds, a night at the Little Theatre, Leicester to see ‘Brassed Off’, the christening of my great niece in Congleton, a family get-together with my cousin from Australia, ‘Cardenio’ at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre’ and lots of new and regular clients.
I always take most of August off from actual business coaching but I’ll still be marketing and keeping contacts up of course.
Have a wonderful summer and remember patience is a virtue in business as well as other areas of life.  Success is always worth waiting for.
With best wishes as always,

Courses cost only £35 or £40 for a half-day including refreshments and a great chance to network AND YOU WILL LEARN VITAL NEW SKILLS.  Courses are currently available at Solihull, Leicester, Lincoln & Farnborough, Hants.  for details click HERE

or call NOW on 0800 083 4082

                             And don’t forget:

but your SPEECH should be PRICELESS!

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