Camera Shy……?


Nowadays we are regularly encouraged to speak on camera for business purposes.  Social media platforms now allow you to be ‘live’ and give the watcher the benefit of your words of wisdom.  You might think that this is an easy thing to do but to do it well is not so easy.

Here are some areas to consider:

  • What do you NEED to say?
    Keep your message simple?  What is the 1 THING you want to say in your message?  Practice saying it in several ways.  Don’t be constrained by a learnt script.  
  • Watch your body language
    Sit or stand up straight; if you slouch you’ll look unprofessional.  Look interested, not anxious or you will appear weak,
  • Watch hands and shoulders.
    Relax both.  Drop the shoulders to to avoid appearing tense.  Your hands can have natural gesture but do avoid anything in front of your face, which will distract from what you are saying.  If you are unsure, rest your hands at the sides, or together on your lap if sitting.
  • Look straight at the camera
    Don’t let your eyes wonder – you will look shifty.  Be consistent in your manner and stay focused.  Imagine speaking to 1 person only.
  •  Speak with your eyes as well as your voice
    Your eyes should smile and reflect your words.  The camera will show all your subtle expressions.  Practice by delivering your message in a mirror.  If you were the viewer, would you find it memorable?  


  • Listen to yourself
    Is your voice well modulated, calm and confident?  Are you speaking clearly?
  • Don’t forget silence.
    Pauses give you and your audience time to think and consider.  If you rush your words you will sound nervous and out of control.
  • Mean it and look as though you do
    If you appear artificial, complacent or arrogant you will not succeed.
  • And finally……
    If you are in doubt about your skills, don’t do it.  There are lots of other ways to promote your business.  Remember that appearing on camera requires you to give a very personal and natural ‘performance’.   If you still think it’s for you then prepare fully and ENJOY!

At the end of another busy year ……….

Speak wisely
                 Speak well
                                Speak Loud & Clear!

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