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What happened to the Summer then?  The weather wasn’t up to much and, as always, it went very fast.  As I mentioned last month, my intention was to have a month off with just two days for business clients and I did quite well…..

Stewart & I had a few days at a friend’s flat in Devon and my daughter Debbie and I enjoyed spending my birthday vouchers at Ragdale Hall Spa.  I also caught up with several female friends and had some girly days out.  One of my favourite pastimes is reading and I came upon a fascinating article about body movement which I thought I’d share with you.

Movement Pattern Analysis (MPA) was developed in Britain in the 1940’s and expanded as a management consultancy tool in the 1950’s.  It profiles a person’s integrated movement sequences to get from one position to the next.  So it is nothing to do with obvious body language traits such as folded arms, crossed legs etc., but a person’s intrinsic patterns of movement – like individual DNA.  By studying film taken at interviews, leading European companies are now analysing staff and choosing the best person for the job based on MPA.  Experts can see how a person acts and reacts during decision making.  Traits such as dynamism, impulsiveness, deliberation and hesitation can be identified.

There are three phases to decision making in this methodology:
a)   ‘Attention’ – requiring investigating and assessing.
b)   ‘intention’ – weighing up the pros and cons and finding a possible direction to take
c)   ‘Commitment’ – how you finally act.

It is interesting that we cannot ‘fake’ our movement patterns so what you see is what you get!  Understanding how your body and other people’s bodies react can help improve communication.  we know that humans transmit a lot of non-verbal information and MPA is a very useful tool to add to the kit.

The way we show our character type includes effort, speed, direction and whether we use a limited range of movement or lots.  I shall definitely be researching this and adding it to my course materials.  With many large companies in Britain and the the US already using it for strengthening teams, job recruitment and personal development it looks as if we may be seeing more MPA in the future.

I did five speaking engagements in August.  the most interesting was for a Barclays Management meeting in Leicester.  I believe they found it quite thought provoking.

My courses are proving popular as usual and her is what I have available:
17 September ‘Dynamic Speaking’, Leicester – FULL
27 September ‘Vocie Matters’, Leicester – FULL
8 October ‘Voice Matters’, Leicester Marriott Hotel – £160
9 November ‘Dynamic Speaking’, Leicester Marriott Hotel – £210 (4 places remaining)
17 January ‘Voice Matters’, Solihull – £160 (12 places)

for LADIES only – half day 1st November, Leicester
‘How to be vocal in a man’s world!’


Have fun and learn some surprising facts!

Apart from Loud & Clear business i have been spending lots of time over the summer directing and producing ‘Dick Barton – Special Agent’ by Phil Willmott.  This hilarious spoof affectionately takes the mickey out of the famous post-war radio serial.  If you are near the Concordia Theatre, Hinckley between 7th and 11th September come along or call 01455 230317 to reserve your seats.

i was delighted to find a few days ago that I was number 2 when you search Google for ‘voice coach’.  This had brought some interesting enquiries from major companies in the Far East – I’ll keep you posted.

Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for (possibly!).  I am not going to give you tips in writing anymore but in person!  Here is my first offering and please let me have your feedback.

It’s short and sweet and if you are following my Tweets there will be more soon.  Better still, why not log onto my Youtube Channel and click the ‘Subscribe’ button.  And remember: 

  Speak wisely

                           Speak well

                                          Speak   Loud & Clear! 

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