Pitching for Business


How often do you pitch for new business?  Every time you introduce yourself or your business you are making the first move in a complex dance.

So how good is your business pitch?  Have you adjusted it recently or is it the ‘same old – same old’ and do you give any thought as to HOW you deliver it?

Here are some tips which might help you improve:

The Perfect Pitch
You all know some of these – where the choice of eloquent words and dynamic delivery, change the world for everyone who hears them

‘I have a dream……’ Dr Martin Luther King
‘We choose to go to the moon by the end of this decade’  John F Kennedy
‘The only thing we have to fear is fear itself’  Franklin D Roosevelt
‘In the future everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes’  Andy Warhol

When you hear words like these, you just know that the speaker is worth talking to.  To get an emotional, rather than a mundane response, you need your Pitch to be arresting and memorable.  Rather than the usual I am Joe/Josie Bloggs and I make widgets’ try this:

  • Propose a potential business problem
  • Project forward to life without a solution
  • Suggest a solution
  • Offer proof of your ability to deliver (perhaps a testimonial)
  • Tell a client’s story (because stories are always memorable)

To ensure these dynamic words make an impact, next think about:

How we say what we say

P – pitchPitch02
I – inflection
C – courtesy
T – tone
U – understanding
R – rate
E – enunciation

Don’t be too high.  You will sound weak and desperate.  Use your lower notes to sound competent and authoritative.

Move your vocal notes around and use emphasis to point the key words in the message.  You’ll keep people listening if you have ‘tunes’.

Be considerate in your manner and speak in a way which makes you easy to understand.  Remember that you must be loud enough to be heard.

Mean what you say and engage your emotions to sound sincere and pleasant.

Don’t use jargon or buzz words.  Respect your audience by using plain English.

The pace should be moderate or your message will not be retained.  Slow down for more important sections and speed up for excitement and enthusiasm.

Finish your words off!  Now is not the time to speak lazily.  Give them precision and they will know you are making an effort to communicate well.

I hope these ideas help you to improve your effectiveness at your next networking event or new client meeting.  So don’t forget to:

Speak wisely

                Speak well

                        Speak Loud & Clear!

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Speaking with charisma
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