Public SpeakerI have a vivid memory of a new client arriving for his first session on PUBLIC SPEAKING several years ago.  I remember him especially as the first thing he said to me was “You’re not going to make me PERFORM are you?”  After I got over the surprise my answer, of course, was “Yes!”To be or not


Any communication which is delivered to a group, be it board meeting, presentation or pep talk needs ENERGY.  We use this to reach out to our audience, whoever they are, and this lifts the communication from CONVERSATION to ORATION.
So let’s see how the skills of PUBLIC SPEAKING and ACTING compare:

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So far we seem to need the same abilities but, of course, there is one key difference:
An Actor – plays a character
A public speaker – is himself

Think about the speakers you have found memorable.  They will have come across as sincere, warm, spontaneous and confident.

ALL speakers need awareness of how to hold the attention of their audience in the same way that an actor does. They need a sense of PERFORMANCE.

This is achieved through:

  • VOLUME (sufficient breath)
  • CLARITY (accuracy)
  • And MENTAL FOCUS (intention)

So, perhaps the answer to my initial question “When public speaking are you acting?” is NO but some of an actor’s skills wouldn’t go amiss.

If you are using PUBLIC SPEAKING to promote your business this month – enjoy it!

Have a good month and see you in November

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