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Lauren Samuels – Finalist in BBC’s “Over the Rainbow”, leading roles in “Grease”, “We Will Rock You”, “Bend it like Beckham” in the West End. 
Lauren was coached by Priscilla for 11 years.
Graeme Hawley.  Appeared in Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Love and Marriage. Award winning stage actor.
Daniel Bruce, radio presenter, chief executive of Internews Europe from 2014 to 2019.  Currently chief executive of Transparency International UK

Written Testimonials

Stephanie Straw

Our role is to deliver training to our internal and external customers. The voice is more important than ever due to remote working and the use of Skype and MS Teams meetings, and a move from face-to-face to online webinars. 

We took part in individual one-hour sessions with Priscilla. The sessions were relaxed, fun and explored various techniques to improve, and we felt our confidence had increased greatly.  


Colette Warrington

As promised, I wanted to let you know how my speech went last night.

It was a success and I was very happy with how it went. My voice wasn’t too bad although still higher in pitch than we would like, but the audience wouldn’t have picked up on that. My breathing wasn’t perfect but I got by.
Feedback included, ironically, that my vocal variety was good (although you and I know it could be better 😁). I also came across with emotion and animation and the close had impact (thanks to you!). The audience loved the content. It created inspiration and brought out some Marie Kondo fans, and as a result created great discussion.
Some constructive feedback included, too many sentences starting with ‘and’. Also, somebody suggested that I could perhaps start the speech with the story because I became more alive and it was thought this might have a bigger impact.

There were 3 speakers and there is always a vote for the best. I’m happy to say that I won 😊

Thank you for your help Priscilla, you are so inspiring and motivating and I feel like I’m getting there slowly.

See you on our next session.

Best wishes

Jenny Norvill

The Institute of Swimming had Priscilla deliver her fantastic voice protection and protection workshop to our swimming teacher members, many times over the years. The voice is often forgotten and working in a humid environment, can take its toll. Priscilla is fascinating, knowledgeable and is an inspirational trainer who really shares her passion in the workshops. In 2020 lockdown 1, Priscilla delivered to over 250 Swimming teachers on a zoom workshop as part of our Swim England return to the pool training series.

What a great session, highly recommended.

Laura Jackson

I can highly recommend Loud and Clear for voice coaching. Together, in a relaxed, fun and  explorative way I learnt the dynamics of my voice-box, the importance of breathing properly, and techniques to create different volumes, but also the rudiments for making the text come alive when reading, preaching or public speaking. There was time between each session to practice what I’d learnt and I found that very valuable.  I have come away skilled in voice projection, diction and loads more confidence. Thank you Pricilla

Alex Morris

Priscilla has helped me work on the clarity and range in my voice. She has also been very helpful in sending in documents that can help me. This has really helped my confidence in interactions with others.

Raj Patel

The ability to communicate in the modern world is as essential to life, as breathing, no matter what one does. Both of which we think we are doing ok until shown how to be more effective and efficient.
Priscilla has a gift, to literally breathe new life, into who you are. Priscilla has a warm and energetic approach to help develop oneself. Her passion for what she does is profound and visible from her achievements and continued teaching. We are never too old, and it’s never too late, to learn from Priscilla. If only I was taught this at school, a valuable life lesson, that should be part of basic learning of the English language. Thank you Priscilla.

Julie Carmee

It was a delight having Priscilla come along to the Bosworth Academy to give a lecture to the Swimming Teaching Staff on ‘voice projection and voice protection’. It was a topic the staff had not covered before and hence our enthusiasm to see if our technique could be improved. Priscilla presented the seminar in a relaxing and informative way and all enjoyed the practical elements that, at times, were very funny. We all came away appreciating the importance of breathing correctly; conscious of using the shape of the mouth and tongue when speaking and hydrating in order to prevent damage to our vocal cords and improve the way instructions are relayed.  Thanks from the Swimming Teaching Staff at Bosworth Academy, Desford, Leicester.

Sarah Porter

A rather late, but heartfelt, thank you for an enjoyable 3 hours last Saturday. It was great to see teachers getting really involved and getting some useful information and techniques that will be of direct benefit to them. The evaluation forms were all very complimentary of your delivery and enthusiasm, and I agree entirely, it was a pleasure to be in your workshop. I have forwarded comments to the I.O.S. regards teachers feeling that emphasis should be on teachers learning at qualification time to look after their voices.

Martin Bradbury

Many thanks for the course yesterday it was very enjoyable. The tutoring was excellent and skills learned will be put into practice again today. Thanks again!

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate

Just wanted to let you know that after working with you, I was selected for the first seat that I applied for!
I really couldn’t have done this without your help and just wanted to thank you again for everything that you did. To be able to stand in front of people with such confidence was something 12 months ago I never dreamed I could achieve.
I am sure that I will need your expertise again in the future and really look forward to working with you

(N.B. this client is now an MP)

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