Being Vocal in a Man’s World!

This course is only available for ‘in-house’ delivery

  • Want to know why men don’t listen?
  • What they want to hear?
  • How to deliver your message with guaranteed success?

Course content:

  • Subconscious influence
  • Breath gets you heard
  • Resonance
  • How loud is loud enough?
  • How women and men listen
  • Change your tune!
  • Varying your pitch
  • Using pitch and pace
  • Tone colour and emphasis
  • Using your voice to persuade
  • What to say to get a result



Elizabeth Miller, Head Mistress, Belgrave St.Peters Primary School
This course gave me a lot to think about with regard to how to use my voice more effectively.  I would strongly recommend this training to any lady who has to work alongside men, in any capacity.

Dana Watt
Coming on this course has given me the tools to approach certain situations differently in future, changing my thinking and giving me a different perspective on those I am communicating with.

Sharon Bassett, SJPP
A real eye-opener in how a man’s communication differs to women.

Susan Bowler, BT
Extremely useful!  Just what i was looking for and I’m sure if I practice, it will really help me in my day to day job.

Patsy Shaxted, BT
Very interesting.  You gave many new ideas to similar training I have attended in the past with very useful tips.

Feedback from Solihull, 23 November 2011

Bridget Deith, ATOS Healthcare

Best £35 I’ve ever spent on training. Excellent!

Imogen Edmunds, Redwing Solutions Ltd

Couldn’t be better! Really enjoyed the course. Lots of ideas I can use to think about how I communicate with a male audience. Thanks.

Pam Neaves, Mint Creative

Great workshop, delivered confidently in a relaxed format. Made learning new communication techniques fun and easy to understand. Thank you for your help and guidance.

Victoria Evans, Chantry Vellacott

Very enjoyable & informative – a refreshing course.differently.

Ellen Mould, S E Controls

Was impressed with the amount of different levels of your voice and how this influences what you want to say.

Kirsty Row, S E Controls

Very interesting course, clear & concise which will hopefully make a big difference!

Louise Head, S E Controls

Very useful, has made me realise where I’ve been going wrong & how slight changes can make a massive difference. Hopefully quite empowering.

Barbara Hodgson, WIBN

A very interesting and informative course which gave good insight as to how men communicate differently.

Betty Weltz, Utility Warehouse

A really enjoyable workshop – definitely recommend to others. Sixth formers need to learn about this – it will save them time in the future & may lead to greater success at work.

Genevieve Potter, Bauer Media

Fascinating and all made perfect sense! Has given me a toolkit for more effective communication.

Debbie Wallbank, Central Institute of Purchase & Supply (CIPS)

Enjoyed very much, Has woken dormant skills.

Hazel Cook, Momentous Marketing

A fascinating insight and very practical seminar which I will put to good use in my future activities.

Bridgette Brown – Forever Living Products

Thank you Priscilla, I now have a greater understanding of what makes men ‘tick’ and how to control tone and pitch in a male environment.

Kathryn Parkes – OpenReach BT

Good platform to share experiences with other women.

Katie Gregg – Diversey

Fun, enjoyable and relevant. Quickly learned tips which can change behaviour easily and effectively. This course entices you to learn more!  Would recommend to anyone.

Sue McEniff – Leicester Charity Link

An interesting and thought-provoking course on the power of communication between the sexes.

Jackie Dunn – Evolution Financial Coaching

A room full of mature women wanting to learn more about being heard and to hear what’s really being said. Thank you – I leaned a lot.

Corinne McLavy – 2003 Marketing

Really good course – lots of practical advise. Never had to hum in a course before!

Lorna Fellows – LJF Accountancy

Very useful event and good to know more about how men work!

Nisha Kumar

Very enjoyable and useful. I look forward to being heard!

Tracy Costas – BT

As always a fantastic & fun event. Interaction was easy to understand and lots of opportunities to practice what Priscilla was talking about. Met some great people too.

Shelley Roper – Stewart Fletcher & Barrett, Accountants

Fantastic way to spend a morning. Very interesting and informative.

Kam Atker – Leicestershire Chamber of Commerce

Enjoyed the workshop and the opportunity to network and meet some interesting ladies.

Emily Streather – Stewart Fletcher & Barrett, Accountants

Excellent insight into a man’s mind!

Other testimonials:

Jade Dexter – Access Smile

Excellent presentation, superb interaction with others – generally an excellent morning.  Would recommend to anyone.

Sue Roberts – Utility Warehouse

Really insightful and very well presented.

Debbie Heron – Roundabout Hinckley

Very enjoyable and informative. I would highly recommend this course.

Karen Chambers – KC Coaching

Enjoyed the exercises and interaction with others. A good, fun session and lots to try out.

Clare Webb – National Grid

An enjoyable morning and plenty of opportunity to use my newly found, stronger voice.

Maureen Wright – WSI

Excellent workshop. Lots of ideas to try. Thank you.

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