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5 Vocal Tips for Super Sales

Sales arrowDo you sell products or services as part of your business?  You probably do, as it’s quite hard to run a business without selling something!

Do you ever think about the MESSAGE in terms of how it SOUNDS, rather than just what it contains?

Again, you are most likely to give a negative reply as very few of us understand the SCIENCE behind COMMUNICATION.

So here are some simple VOCAL TIPS which you can pass on to your sales team.

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1) SMILE when you make that call, or meet a new potential customer. (I’d be surprised if you hadn’t heard that!)  WHY? – because it softens the VOCAL TONE and makes you sound FRIENDLY.

2) SPEAK CLEARLY.  We quickly get annoyed if we think someone is being lazy in their speech and not taking the trouble to make it easy for us to understand.

3) KEEP CONTROL.  Don’t rush and don’t try to say too much in a short space of time.  You’ll sound DESPERATE and people won’t be able to process what you’re saying.  You’ll be WASTING YOUR TIME.

4) POINT all key words with EMPHATIC STRESS.  Don’t flatten out the delivery or your listener will have no clues as to what is important. Make them HEAR the benefits in the VOCAL TUNE.

5) USE YOUR EMOTIONS.  If you connect with your message you will SOUND as if you MEAN IT.  This is an essential element in the communication equation.
Never go onto ‘automatic pilot’.  If you do, you will ruin your chances of selling because you will sound DISINTERESTED

I hope you find these tips useful.  Give them a try.

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I will be back early in November with another vocal blog.  Till then, remember:

Talk may be cheap

but your speech should be priceless!

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Published Date: 5th October 2013
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