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Lauren Samuels – Finalist in BBC’s “Over the Rainbow”, leading roles in “Grease”, “We Will Rock You”, “Bend it like Beckham” in the West End. 
Lauren was coached by Priscilla for 11 years.
Graeme Hawley.  Appeared in Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Love and Marriage. Award winning stage actor.
Daniel Bruce, radio presenter, chief executive of Internews Europe from 2014 to 2019.  Currently chief executive of Transparency International UK

Written Testimonials

Paula Tennant, bridal makeup artist

For a very long time I’ve wanted to receive elocution lessons to enable me to speak more precisely and with less slang. I contacted Priscilla to enquire if she could help me with my requirements and I immediately felt very comfortable with her. I continued to have a course of elocution lessons with her and I have just completed. I feel very satisfied with my endeavour and have more confidence in myself, with the way I speak and come across to others. Priscilla is professional and very thorough whilst her warmth and loveliness shines through. Thank you Priscilla for making me feel more complete as a person.

Jonah Boothe, medical student

The months I have spent working with Priscilla have been truly eye opening. 

During our lessons, Priscilla always shared invaluable insights into the psychology behind communication, and approached all of her lessons with an insurmountable degree of warmth and patience. 

This went a long way to remove a lot of preconceptions I had about myself and communication as a whole. The increased awareness of the importance and mechanisms of communication, combined with an extensive repertoire of unique vocal exercises are indispensable for anyone working or living within a communication oriented environment. Which is most people nowadays.
Than you so much Priscilla


I first met Priscilla Morris some years ago at conferences for swimming teachers where she delivered excellent workshops on voice projection and protection. These were full of really helpful practical exercises and suggestions that were not only easy to implement but also very effective.

During lockdown I started to experience some voice strain from all the video and telephone calls. I knew there was one person who could help me – Priscilla Morris. I was thrilled to find her contact details on the Loud and Clear website and delighted when she agreed to do one to one voice coaching sessions online.

The sessions have not just been a great help, they have also been fun. Priscilla is so enthusiastic and interesting. She is clearly an expert with a wealth of knowledge and gives really useful feedback on areas that need to be addressed and how to make improvements. Priscilla is also very positive and encouraging in her approach. I have always avoided reading out loud. An unexpected benefit of the sessions is that I now feel more able and confident to do this.

I highly recommend Priscilla Morris to you. She is without doubt an expert. She is also a very friendly and warm person who really is an absolute delight to have sessions with’.

Edmar Mac

Priscilla is an amazing and professional voice coach who brings all of the skills and expertise together to the training. “Having coaching with with Priscilla is a rare opportunity to come across, a self-driven, talented and very motivated person. Extremely creative and innovative, even we did not have enough time, but she condensed the training and in few hours all was delivered. still practicing my la la la la la la la la

Steve Wigfull

Priscilla helped me improve the clarity and impact of my voice particularly in business situations. I found her to be a fantastic teacher who always gave good advice and the sessions were challenging but fun. For a little over a year we worked on items including the basic principles, precision, voice tone and tips for public speaking. She gave me lots of useful exercises to practice at home with. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who wants to develop their voice for any reason.

Rita Chandarana

I couldn’t recommend Priscilla enough after working with her. Increasing and improving vocal and spoken impact is under-estimated in business until you’ve had training that enables you to understand just how much first impressions matter. The results after working with Priscilla speak for themselves! Couldn’t rate her enough but also just such an inspiring person to work with! I could listen to her forever!

Justine Rixon

Priscilla’s training has helped me in so many ways over theyears. I have used the skills she taught me to gain new clientsand feel more confident about public speaking. HighlyReccommended to anyone who has even the slightest worryabout talking to new people or talking in new environments.

Waseem Bashir

Last year during lockdown I started planning my YouTube channel. It all started from first improving my speech and overall delivery. Thankfully I found Priscilla. Priscilla you are amazing at what you do. Thanks to your kind and constructive approach I have been able to improve my speech in so many different ways. I feel you unlocked a part in my brain which I didn’t even know existed.

Thanks for you all great work!

Jill Hawkins

I recently realised that I do a lot of ‘performing’, as a presenter, a trainer and a fitness instructor, and became aware that I was getting a sore throat after doing these things and had developed some rather strange habits, including hardly opening my mouth and sounding a bit monotone at times! I love presenting and wanted help to work on all those things to make sure that I am doing the best I can. I contacted Priscilla to help me – and she was everything I had hoped, and more! It was a fascinating learning journey and I have learnt skills and vocal self awareness that I can use and apply every day. It’s brilliant. We did the whole thing online, which worked surprisingly well, and I made sure I used the time in between appointments to practice – because you get out what you put in 😉 I would thoroughly recommend Priscilla – she is so experienced, so kind and very interesting. A real, genuine expert. I feel lucky! Thank you!

Chris Merriman

On behalf of The Parents and Carers Alliance, Milton Keynes, thank you very much for the amazing workshop – Using Your Voice effectively, that you delivered last Thursday, I can appreciate it was not easy to do over Zoom, but your enthusiasm and energy had us all involved. The feedback was very complimentary.

“It was superb, and will be useful to me when advocating for my son and in my job and volunteer roles”
“This was a fantastic course. Thank you”

Thanks again for the workshop, quite a lot to consider and work with, very beneficial at all levels.

Chris Merriman


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