Priscilla Morris LGSM, LLCM, LLAM(Hons), ALAM, PGCA, MSTSD

Career history

  • Appeared in the West End with The National Youth Theatre
  • Trained as a professional actor and teacher at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, London
  • Ran her own Speech & Drama school in the Midlands for 40 years
  • Was invited to become the youngest on the board of LAMDA Examinations when she was 36
  • Has examined in UAE, Malta, Spain, Belgium, Sri Lanka, Singapore, USA, China and Vietnam
  • Became an adjudicator of Speech & Drama for The British & International Federation of Festivals in 1991
  • Published by Oberon books in 1996 – ‘Introducing Shakespeare to Young People’
  • Became National Voice Consultant to the IOS (Amateur Swimming Association) in 1998.
  • Devised the CPD accredited course ‘Voice Projection & Protection’ which has been delivered throughout the UK
  • Founded Loud & Clear voice coaching in 2000
  • Adjudicated at the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival frequently between 2000 and 2019
  • Appointed guest speaker on P&O Cruises 2013
  • In 2017 trained 30 teachers in Shanghai
  • Awaiting publication of 3 books in 2020


Voice Coach – Priscilla Morris

Voice Coach, Priscilla Morris has an international reputation that means she provides training across the globe. This training is delivered to businessmen, school children, actors, teachers, coaches, swimming coaches, lawyers, clergymen and many other professions. Priscilla has also helped many people with accent reduction for native English & foreign professionals.

Her friendly, thorough and expert approach is founded on over 40 years’ experience. She has delivered voice coaching, training and run workshops that make a real difference. Her career history has allowed her to give many people the confidence to use their voices more effectively.

On many occasions Priscilla has taken people who have a total fear of public speaking or were unable to communicate clearly and given them the skills and self-belief to use their voice effectively. Many have been able to gain promotion at work because of these new found skills, and others have been able to grow their businesses by better use of their voice.

If you are looking for a Voice Coach who will deliver tangible and positive results.

Contact Loud and Clear today on – 0800 083 4082.

Some Testimonials

Loud & Clear! - Voice Coach | Voice Training | Presentation Training | Motivational Speaking

Sharon Lemieux

Seminar Manager, Action Coach

Alan just asked me to write and say how much he enjoyed your talk. He said he thinks you’re a lovely engaging speaker and the clients were very interested in what you had to say and were very complimentary about your presentation and your wonderful voice.

I thought you were great too!

Waseem Bashir

Last year during lockdown I started planning my YouTube channel. It all started from first improving my speech and overall delivery. Thankfully I found Priscilla. Priscilla you are amazing at what you do. Thanks to your kind and constructive approach I have been able to improve my speech in so many different ways. I feel you unlocked a part in my brain which I didn’t even know existed.

Thanks for you all great work!

Loud & Clear! - Voice Coach | Voice Training | Presentation Training | Motivational Speaking

Raj Patel

Dental Surgeon

The ability to communicate in the modern world is as essential to life, as breathing, no matter what one does. Both of which we think we are doing ok until shown how to be more effective and efficient.
Priscilla has a gift, to literally breathe new life, into who you are. Priscilla has a warm and energetic approach to help develop oneself. Her passion for what she does is profound and visible from her achievements and continued teaching. We are never too old, and it’s never too late, to learn from Priscilla. If only I was taught this at school, a valuable life lesson, that should be part of basic learning of the English language. Thank you Priscilla.
Loud & Clear! - Voice Coach | Voice Training | Presentation Training | Motivational Speaking

Priscilla Morris


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