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Is your dream to be an inspiring communicator?
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  • Would you survive the “Dragons’ Den”?
  • Interested in becoming more dynamic in sales or management?
  • Learn how the voice works
  • How it impacts on new client meetings
  • How to deliver a powerful sales message
  • Learn to modulate your words
  • ‘Sell yourself’ to grow your business?
  • Protect your voice from damage?
  • Learn how to improve your telephone manner and much more
  • Compete in a Man’s world
  • Practical workshops on how to utilise your most important marketing tool – YOUR VOICE!


Vocal Impact in Business
We engaged Priscilla to undertake a vocal impact in business workshop with us as a HR team.
Priscilla’s energy knows no bounds. She held our interest and kept things fresh for a whole day – no mean feat! We learned a lot and practically applied these learnings too. Priscilla is skilled at managing extroverts and drawing out the introverts, ensuring we all participated and safely came out of our comfort zones.
If you are seeking support in presentation skills? The art of influence? Or generally getting yourself heard? We highly recommend you approach Priscilla.
Clare Farmer  – Group HR Director, Simplify Group Ltd

Power & Precision in Performance
It was an absolute joy to be taught by Priscilla Morris. From the very beginning a degree of professionalism was held, with each member participating being given booklets outlining the breakdown of the two hour session. The information within it introduced us to the organs of speech and how certain techniques can help an actor project outwards to his/her audience. Not only did she emphasise the importance of speech projection in a performance, but also how one’s articulation is paramount in transferring the meaning of specific words, especially in works such as Shakespeare. Play excerpts were handed out amongst the group and we were asked to couple up and recite these pieces in pairs, paying particular attention to our breathing, as we were told the strength in our voices originated from the diaphragm.  Tongue twisters then helped us focus on precision and clarity in delivery.  She meticulously studied us in this process and was always available to answer a query or correct a fault. All in all, in her teaching, she managed to pass on valuable lessons on the tricks of the trade and every member leaving the session has benefited because of it.
Shannon Smith, Nottingham New Theatre Company

I heard ………’s 60 seconds last night at the Business Club – and I heard every word from across the room. He mentioned that he had been to one of your workshops. Wow, what a difference. I’d always struggled to understand ………… because he talks so quickly, but last night was a vast improvement. You did an excellent job!

Karen Chamber, K C Coaching 

Being Loud & Clear

Linda Scannell, Linda Scannell Photography

“Excellent course this morning – I’ll be trying out my new voice projection skills at this Friday’s wedding.

 Being Loud & Clear

Ginny Atherton – Precept Group

“The message came across ‘Loud & Clear’. Concise information on how to make simple changes to make a big impact.”

Clare Edwards – Sign Language/Interpreting

“Enjoyed course from start to finish. Excellent quality of teaching/knowledge. So lovely to listen to! Learnt loads & left with lots to practice.”

Rachel Tipping – CWSLIS

“I thought it was very interesting and informative. I have done some voice training/education before but there was lots of new information in this course.”

Richard Manchester – Utility Warehouse

“Informative course which will help my voice on a vast scale”

Dhruv Pandya – Fosse Accountants

“Very useful on how you come across – especially in getting your message across in business.”

Adrian Alexander – Amsoft

Very informative and surprisingly fun!

Janette Gibbs – Sign Language

“Presented beautifully and with passion!”

Lorraine Turnpenny – Forever Living Products

“Great exercises to take away & practice. Useful to understand the A & P side too!”

David Hornsby – Life coach & Hypnotherapist

“Nice timing, session moved along quickly, but with sufficient time to practice and reinforce.”

Safina Saddique – Newcastle-on-Tyne

“Insightful & helpful half-day, thank you. Nice group & atmosphere.”

Allan Lathan – Electrician

“Very knowledgeable and presented in an easy to understand and follow way. The exercises help understand where improvement could be made with practice.”

Voice Matters full day course

Michael Bates – SFB Wealth Management

Just a very useful course all round and very interesting insight into language.

Deirdre Myers – Myers Harrison Human Resources

Thank you Priscilla – a very enjoyable day and good value for money

David Hawkins – SFB Wealth Management

Excellent course – really made me think!

Nichola McKay – Nichola McKay Associates Ltd

A practical, hands-on course that has given me some really valuable tips for making more effective use of my voice.

Darren Pettifer – National Grid

Very interesting run through the major topics of coaching/voice which opened my eyes in a number of areas where I am not utilising the full potential of my voice.


Sophie Khalid, A-Star Tutoring

Really enjoyed the course. I think Priscilla is an excellent trainer – very supportive and helpful. Tried things with my voice that I’ve never tried before!

Roy Wood, SJP

An excellent course in all respects. Very professionally delivered. Essential for all people in the business world.  Fun and enjoyable as well.

Louise Taylor, Fishers Solicitors

A thoroughly enjoyable and instructive day – thank you!

Clare Webb & Antonietta Smith, National Grid

Very enjoyable and useful with a great mix of people to interact with.  Brilliant course, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Keith Cooper, Northlight Images

Very clearly presented – as you’d hope!

Karen Balloch, KB Book-Keeping 

Very useful course with lots of participation but not in an intimidating way.  Useful exercises practiced during the course and, once practiced, easy to take away and follow-up.

Rebecca Graaff, De Montfort University 

Very effective exercises and tips for thinking about how and why you speak at any given time.

Judith Povall, Access-Smile 

I really enjoyed today’s course. I am looking forward to applying these things in my life and work.

Peter Wilcox, Peter Wilcox Financial Management 

Excellent presentation. Plenty of opportunity to engage and take part.

Joan Edwards, Business for Breakfast 

This is a very enjoyable and helpful course. I would recommend it for anyone in business.

John Wade, Oakview Consulting Ltd. 

The voice is your most important tool. Priscilla shows you how to use it and care for it effectively.

Richard Gant, The FD Centre Ltd. 

Excellent content and expertly presented, fun and practical.

Gary Metcalf, Gemini Wealth Management 

You take your voice for granted. It is an extremely powerful tool to use and anyone in business should attend this one day course.

James Day, Inn-Marketing 

An excellent well-structured introductory course.

Richard Allman, National Grid 

Course helped me to identify those elements of voice that I need to work most on.

Deborah Rossi, Sheridan & Co (formerly)

Really useful, helps focus the mind on how we are perceived by others, tools that I can learn & put into practice.

Val Reynolds, Orange 24 May 2010

Useful practical session so I am able to take away the ideas and repeat them in my home environment.

Daniel Bennett, EDF Energy 

This was a really valid exercise, I feel far more confident following the course in controlling what I say and how I say it.

Tina Lee, Synergy-fs 

The one-to-one pronunciation training programme with Priscilla was excellent. I believe that it is quite a difficult task to help people who have English as their second language to improve clarity and pronunciation as opposed to the native speakers. But Priscilla did it. She helped me to identify weaknesses in my pronunciation and find a way to improve.

After several one-to-one sessions, I was encouraged to join the “Voice Matters” course. Following the workshop, I knew how to make use of my voice and found myself more confident in speaking English in public. I will continue to practice based on the tips I’ve been given by Priscilla and hope all the tips will become second nature soon.

Martin Wood, Internet Essentials Ltd 

A big thank you, I will try to put this into practice.

Peter Parry, Cerbera Ltd 

Good timing and well paced. The day was long enough without being too demanding. The pace kept everyone involved.

Sally Miller, Pink Connect 

Very valuable information, insights and practical examples to go away and practice.

Desiree Lambert, SureCare, 

Enjoyable day. Learnt a lot to give me more confidence to use and protect my voice.

Mike Crawshaw

Very enjoyable style and delivery. A lot more fun than I expected.

Rob Lowell

Good theory and practical with some well thought out exercises.

Jane Bailey, Prima 200 

Excellent way of talking to others in the group as you had to do the exercises with different delegates.

David Nicholl, Certax Accountants 

Gave me an excellent foundation as I grow the professional speaking side of my business.

Tim Whorton, LEBC

Very different, very enjoyable, learnt a lot.

Avril Mitchel, Go-Plus, Voice Matters day at Solihull

Thanks for a super day on Friday. I certainly learnt a lot. I now find myself thinking before I speak. I have been doing some of the breathing exercises. Your teaching has been taken on board. Many thanks.

Delegate at Seminar for Spice, Birmingham

Despite being only half a day, the ‘Something to Shout About’ workshop was very good. Priscilla Morris was a very good speaker (I mean in terms of the subject matter – but also in projecting her voice) and certainly knows her stuff. It was very entertaining and informative.

Nicola Turner, B’spoke HR Ltd

Priscilla is a joy to watch and listen to. Her passion for refining the spoken word is infectious and I would recommend highly both Voice Matters and Dynamic Speaking. I came away with valuable exercises to protect and develop the voice, and valued greatly the feedback from Priscilla and other delegates. Public speaking and communicating in general are an art that can be learned and refined with expert help. Money well spent!

Stuart Maun, Sales and Marketing manager, Kilworth House Hotel

Priscilla, thank you very much for the voice coaching that you provided to a member of my team last week. There was a noticeable change in the way that telephone conversations have been conducted since the course. The comments from the course were that you were “engaging, funny and knowledgeable, and the speed and delivery of the course were perfect”. Thank you so much. I look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Adrienne Curtis, Company Characters

I’m reborn! You’ve opened the gate and pointed me in the right direction.

Elizabeth Armstrong, BT sales executive

Worthwhile enjoyable course that will certainly improve my working and personal environment using the tools you have showed – many thanks.

Jane Box, IPD

Lots of practical exercises were very welcome. Great interaction with the group.

Gavin Whittaker, IPD

Fabulous, charismatic and knowledgeable.

Steve Horsley, Weatherill Bailey Bragg, solicitors.

Excellent, informative & fun.

Heather Jones, Kilworth House Hotel

Fantastic presentation. Very informative & easy to take in.

Paul Moss, Holiday Lounge, Hinckley

An excellent introduction to using your voice to its full potential.

Andrew Broad, Broadbyte Ltd

I found this course very useful and think it will help my communication & public speaking no end.

John Illingworth, GCA UK Ltd.

Excellent course presented with clear understanding of problems and with humour.

Ann White, Debtco One Limited

“I just had to write to say how much I enjoyed the Voice Matters Training Day at the Marriott Hotel on Tuesday 16th June 2009.

I was quite apprehensive before the event but Priscilla made everyone feel very relaxed with her approachable, fun yet totally professional presentation. The practical demonstrations and participation sessions were particularly enjoyable and without exception everyone present joined in and gained so much knowledge whilst having a thoroughly enjoyable day.

I would recommend anyone, whether in business or not, to attend this course as, if in business, the lessons learned are invaluable, and on a personal level, one could not fail to benefit from the motivation and advice gained.

Thanks again Priscilla for a truly unforgettable day.”

Mark Scarrett, Sturgess Hutchinson Accountants

“A very enjoyable course, really nicely presented. Will definitely help with any public speaking I may have”

Stuart Randall, Brett & Radall

“Excellent training day – well worthwhile for personal development”

Jean Maund, Business2Day

“A very enjoyable day that reminded me of some things I already knew and taught me a lot more. Priscilla is a very engaging and entertaining speaker and trainer”

Lorriane Teague, Shakespeare, Pulsner LLP

“Learned core practical skills during and enjoyable day”

Karen Williams, Utility Warehouse

“Excellent skills to apply to real life situations and training”

Rober Hopson, Accounts Solutions Ltd

“Great course, lots of fun and very practical. My attention was held for the whole day”

Martin Knowles, MLK Associates

“Priscilla was enthusiastic and energetic throughout. The morning flashed past thanks to a good mix of interaction and education. Despite a 20 year career in sales there were techniques and skills that I could take away. Overall a good value day.

Helena Hogarth, Hogarth’s Hotel

“Great day, really helpful for networking events”

Jagsish Choksi, Jach Design

“Thank you for a very informative day and for the fun.

Geoff Water, Best of Hinckley

“Excellent, very clear and structured. Skills built with understanding through the day. Priscilla really leads with confidence and enthusiasm. thank you for a really worthwhile event.

Mo Harford, Momentum Training & Development Ltd

“What a great day. I would recommend it to anyone with a teaching or training role”

Gemma Cole, Mander Cruickshank Solicitors

“A very useful course with plenty of tips that I can use as an advocate in court – voice protection and control of my voice will also assist with confidence when spaeking to large groups”

Jaqui Crooks, Beacon Training

So much useful information. Just the breathing exercise made it worthwhile. The difference it made in my voice was amazing.

Paul Lees, Legends International

Walking through the basic steps allows and offers a grounded understanding that anyone can apply to their own industry. It’s a fantastic start for me.

Sanjay Rajput, 360 Red Productions Ltd

“Very interactive, easy to understand with highly effective communication methods”

Theresa Thornton, Clearskies Consultancy

I really enjoyed the day. A great balance of learning and practice.

Rachel Davies, Peak Performance Training

Thoroughly enjoyed the whole afternoon. Interesting, participative and fun. All the key ingredients of outstanding and memorable training.

Phil Atherton, Precept Mentoring Group

A tremendous insight into methods of improving my vocal communication.

Rob Turner, IT Services Support Ltd.

Today has been an enjoyable training session. It has surprised me how much of a tool the voice actually is. The important purpose of each vocal and breathing exercise was explained clearly.  Many thanks.

Ayse Brooks, George House – ASDA

I think this is a skill that is very important but not stressed in training enough.

Colin Snaith, CJ Estate Planning Services

Excellent presentation & seminar. I will recommend you to other business colleagues.

Gillain Hunter, Ardman

Very useful practical learning delivered with passion.

Rosjke Hasseldine, Women’s Power Circles

This course was extremely useful. It answered all my questions on voice and taught me a great deal.

Dan Michinson, Loughborough University Centre for Sport

This was a very interesting course. Priscilla showed how basic changes to the way I speak can make a huge difference.  Thank you very much.

Business Coach

A great day – has given me a better understanding of the power of the voice and is a step towards the ongoing development of my communication skills.

Martin Asltley, Open Blue NLP Ltd

I found the course enjoyable &interesting. There are a lot of things we take for granted with our voice. With practice we can improve how we use it.

Vinay Parmar, open Blue NLP Ltd

For people new to or those who wish to improve basic speaking skills – a great workshop.

Paul Fileman, SPS

A great day. Well worthwhile with lots of ideas that I can take away and start using.

Roy Lee, Plumbing & Heating

I would recommend voice training to anybody. Making positive use of your voice is a vital marketing tool when looking to promote your business.

Sarbjit Naul, solicitor, Varley Hibbs LLP

A very good reminder to focus on voice as well as content when preparing presentations.

Geoff Ellis, C.E.O Rainbows Children’s Hospice

The voice is a valuable tool that I have not given enough thought to previously.

Ishi Khan Jackson, Comedienne – Coaching & Brightness

An enjoyable day. I felt I learnt a lot about inflection, delivery and projection.  Thank you.

Craig Lawrence, trainer – Cross Country Trains

Very useful. I didn’t realise I took my voice so much for granted or that I could do so much with it.

Ayse Brooks, George at ASDA

I think this is a skill that is very important but not stressed in training enough.

Colin Snaith, CJE – Estate Planning Services

I will recommend you to other business colleagues. Excellent presentation & seminar.

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