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In today’s competitive market place, Public Speaking can be an excellent way of getting yourself or your business noticed.

Many jobs now require some presenting, especially at management level.  Whether you are speaking to and internal audience, i.e. your sales team, or addressing an audience of new contacts on a conference platform, you will need to know how to engage your audience.

With the right techniques anyone can be a competent and confident speaker.

Science tells us that an audience will make a sub-conscious decision about you within 10 seconds.

Priscilla will work with you to reduce the fear of Public Speaking and replace it with skills that will ensure you feel confident when presenting.

Your 1-2-1 course will be bespoke to your needs but may include some or all of the following:

  • The science behind good oral communication.
  • The vocal skills required for Public Speaking:
  • Sufficient audibility.
  • Clarity of speech and message.
  • Vocal modulation (this includes variation of pitch, pace, pause, inflection & tone colour)
  • How to find the Charismatic Voice.
  • Body language and gesture:
  • How to look poised and natural
  • How to avoid distracting your audience with repetitive movement.
  • Finding control and command.
  • Facial expression and emotion.
  • Reading aloud.
  • Constructing an effective speech for any occasion.
  • Elevator Pitch for networking
  • Personal introduction for interviews
  • Platform speeches
  • Impromptu speaking.
  • Speaking to camera.
  • Using a microphone.
  • Learning the ‘tricks of the trade’ by studying some of the greatest historical speeches.
  • Looking after your voice.

If you want to take your studies further you can take professional qualifications as follows:

  • Advanced Public Speaking Medals at bronze, silver and gold level offered by LAMDA examinations
  • DipLCM in Personal & Professional communication.
  • ALCM in Public Speaking.
  • LLCM in Public Speaking.
  • ATCL in Communication Skills (Public Speaking).
  • LTCL in Communication Skills (Public Speaking).

Speak to Priscilla about your specific requirements on 0800 0834 082


Here’s what some of Priscilla’s clients say:

Colette Warrington, My Toastmaster Speech

As promised, I wanted to let you know how my speech went last night.

It was a success and I was very happy with how it went. My voice wasn’t too bad although still higher in pitch than we would like, but the audience wouldn’t have picked up on that. My breathing wasn’t perfect but I got by.
Feedback included, ironically, that my vocal variety was good (although you and I know it could be better 😁). I also came across with emotion and animation and the close had impact (thanks to you!). The audience loved the content. It created inspiration and brought out some Marie Kondo fans, and as a result created great discussion.
Some constructive feedback included, too many sentences starting with ‘and’. Also, somebody suggested that I could perhaps start the speech with the story because I became more alive and it was thought this might have a bigger impact.

There were 3 speakers and there is always a vote for the best. I’m happy to say that I won 😊

Thank you for your help Priscilla, you are so inspiring and motivating and I feel like I’m getting there slowly.

See you on our next session.

Best wishes


Paul Wilson, PRwilson Media

Priscilla you are a legend!! In my profession as a social media trainer and speaker, clear and confident communication is a must. As much as I enjoy being an instructor, I knew I had some bad habits that needed addressing such as occasional mumbling, going off topic, losing my thread,
As soon as I met Priscilla when I hosted her at a business networking event as a guest speaker on delivering elevator pitches I knew instantly that she had the expertise I was looking for. 3 months and 5 sessions later, she’s absolutely transformed the way I present and speak. Projection, Clarity, pitch, tone, pauses, ways to engage and involve the audience. Finally I can throw away the notes and be confident. I’ll never need to read from an A4 sheet again. The audience feedback from recent presentations has been brilliant. What an incredible investment -one that I’m sure will pay off for many years to come -Can’t recommend Priscilla highly enough, thanks to her guidance, I feel I’m already taking my business to the next level.

 Alison Fox, celebrant

I’d like to thank Priscilla for her wisdom, guidance, and expertise when it comes to public speaking. She has a wealth of knowledge on speaking in any public arena and is really approachable. Her passion for helping people to communicate confidently shines through. I’m very happy to recommend her!

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate

Just wanted to let you know that after working with you, I was selected for the first seat that I applied for!
I really couldn’t have done this without your help and just wanted to thank you again for everything that you did. To be able to stand in front of people with such confidence was something 12 months ago I never dreamed I could achieve.
I am sure that I will need your expertise again in the future and really look forward to working with you

(N.B. this client is now an MP)


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