All the World's a StageIs your business playing it’s part?

I remember a client coming to me years ago for help with presentation skills and the first thing he said to me was “You’re not going to make me PERFORM are you?

I put him right immediately, as every time we communicate in business, whether we are presenting or not, there should be an energy level which equates with performance.

So how do we make people LISTEN and how do we make them REMEMBER?

Well, VOLUME is a key factor.  How loudly do you speak?  This is a tricky question as you probably think you are loud enough – this may not be the case.

We FEEL our volume in the resonance chambers of the head and therefore we believe that the sound is fine because it is what we are used to.  The volume we use is affected by emotion (i.e. when we shout or whisper) but mostly by HABIT.  It is very difficult to change the brain’s focus on this but it might be essential if you want to sound CONFIDENT.

This case study might help you understand.

Several years ago I received a phone call from a business owner who had recently sold his company to a major conglomerate and was now working as a consultant for them and leading a team to develop his niche area within the company.  He had a small voice which he recognised was ineffectual in team meetings.  When he arrived I was surprised to see that he was about 6’4” and the voice didn’t match the presence at all.

It was possible in the first session, to release more volume PHYSICALLY but the MENTAL attitude which would allow this to become a habit was more problematic.

My client continued with the monthly sessions working on various aspects of vocal delivery for almost a year and although the bigger voice was used in front of me, something told me that this was not being transferred to the workplace. Eventually he attended a full day course where he had to present to an audience of his fellow attendees.  In the oral feedback, everyone said that his content was interesting but it was a shame he was so QUIET!

He told me that this was a lightbulb moment.  He knew he was too quiet but his brain was not prepared to work on changing the habit until he was made to acknowledge that this was a problem for others.  Now he has worked at improving his breathing and mental focus and he has a voice which better suits his presence and his role.

Just having more awareness of how others react to your voice and monitoring reactions to your staff on the phone etc. can help you in to improve your customer-facing communication.

The simplest way to become a little louder is to take in more air, as your breath is what carries the voice forward.

Get out onto that BUSINESS STAGE to be NOTICED and REMEMBERED.

SPEAK your way success at Loud & Clear voice coaching.


Priscilla Morris

                Speak wisely

                                Speak well

                                                 Speak Loud & Clear!

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