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Did you hear the news story a couple of weeks ago about poor communication amongst doctors with ESOL?  (English as a second language).  This is a problem that concerns us all as it is vital that we understand what doctors say to us, especially in emergency situations.  I had a very interesting insight into this issue in 2010 when I had a phone call from a hospital consultant in Northants.  He was Chinese by birth and had been living and working in the UK for 9 years.  his vocabulary was excellent but he had been informed by others (remember WE THINK we’re fine) that his patients couldn’t understand him and his nursing team also had difficulty following his instructions.
There was more than one reason for this.  When I met him I found that he was very quietly spoken and had learnt his English from an Australian!  I’ll leave you to imagine the result but the problem for him was that the vowel sounds (there are 24 in spoken English) were way out of shape.  Our programme focused on the shapes followed by strengthening of his vocal system to produce a louder sound.  It took 8 monthly sessions to achieve the results he needed but the most important aspect of this was that he was more confident and effective in his work communication.
What did September hold for me?  I attended 10 networking events and spoke at 2 others.  I exhibited at Leicester Cricket Club and Walkers Stadium and watched 4 theatrical productions.  There were 6 ‘Alice’ rehearsals and I worked with 13 private clients.
The workshop tally included:
‘Being Loud & Clear’ at Leicester
Two and half days bespoke for National Grid
‘Voice Protection & Projection’ for Notts County Council swimming coaches
Half day bespoke for RSPB, Basildon – teenage ambassadors.
Now for the blatant advert bit!
On 3rd October I’m running one of my ‘Dynamic Speaking’ days at the Marriott Hotel, Leicester.  We’re full with 8 delegates so you’re too late!  Only kidding because there’s another one on 1 November at same venue.
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Are you one of the West Midlands followers? If so, then there’s just time to book onto ‘Being Loud & Clear’ at the Premier Inn, Hockley Heath on 10 October – 9.30am to 12.30pm.  It only costs £40.  See lots of excellent feedback and booking form here
That’s nearly it for this month.  Many thanks for those who keep re-tweeting some of my comments.  You can follow me @VoiceExpert
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or you can also request my free CD:  ‘Voice Matters’ – 30 minutes of tips and advice with me in conversation with Daniel Bruce, radio presenter.
Until next time:
“Your talk may be cheap but your speech should be priceless”

Speak wisely

            Speak well

                                       Speak   Loud & Clear! 

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