SPEAK FOR YOURSELF – a beginners guide to self-promotion

How often have you attended networking event and listened to 20 or more one-minute presentations without remembering anything that was said?

An Idiot’s Guide to Elevator Pitches

  1. MAKE THEM LISTEN i.e. be loud enough to be heard
  2. DON’T SAY EVERYTHING – intrigue your audience with a bit of info that makes them want to ask questions later
  3. TELL A STORY – we all like a good story don’t we……
  4. LOOK AT YOUR AUDIENCE – make real eye contact
  5. TAKE YOUR TIME – say less with control rather than showing panic mode
  6. SHOW A WARM PERSONALITY – we buy a person not a business
  7. DON’T APOLOGISE – flag up your name and your company name
  8. SMILE – do look as if you are pleased to be there

Remember that if you do lots of elevator pitches you can gain the confidence to move on to full-scale presentations.


You might be interested in this

Many people are waking up to the power of audio and video on websites. Think about whether you can market a service or product in this way. If you want to have a go consider:

Your voice is all there is here so:


This is easier said than done but record yourself first and see how you come across.

MUCH trickier…..

  1. You need to look at ease in front of the camera
  2. Use good equipment
  3. Make sure light is sufficient
  4. Try to have a visual prompter by the camera
  5. DO LOTS of practice as you should aim to sound spontaneous
  6. You need to relax the body and have an animated face without overdoing it

This is highly simplified advice but hopefully it might give some of you the courage to give it a try.

You can take a look at my YouTube channel to see what I’ve done so far.

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