It’s not what you say, it’s the way that you say it!

When we hear someone’s voice, we immediately respond to the sound. On the phone it becomes our only link to the speaker and we can be directly influenced by the tunes we hear. Is this important? Well, yes, because a negative influence may result in no sale so it can directly affect your bank balance.

Intonation, (or the tunes that our voice plays on a phrase),  can make sentences do somersaults. The pitch contour can make words mean different things. If asked, “How are you”? We may use the words “not bad” but the tune can infer “pretty awful” or “absolutely great”.

As a general rule, we respond best to tunes with a lot of different notes. You will relate to this if you have ever sat through a presentation by a speaker who had a monotone voice! We become emotionally connected with a sincere tune and we can be influenced in a positive way.

You cannot disguise this and your feelings will be conveyed in the sound. The blind politician, David Blunkett, says he can tell whether his interviewer is bored or interested from the tone and vocal tune. I was particularly amused to read that the famous American writer and critic, Dorothy Parker, when faced with mindless small talk, used to put a smile on her face and say “I’ve just killed my husband with an axe and I feel fine”. Most people smiled back and moved on……. the words hadn’t registered at all!

So my whole point in focusing on this is to make you think about how you and your business is heard. Listen to your answerphone message and make sure your face to face staff and phone receptionists are thinking about how they speak. If you need help you might like to consider my low-cost half day course on 1st November see here for details.

I’m starting September on a theatrical note with my production of the black comedy ‘Arsenic and Old Lace’ which opens at the Concordia Theatre, Hinckley on 4th September.

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