Public Speaking in Hong Kong

Happy New Year everyone.

As some of you may know, I flew out to Hong Kong on 19th November to be a judge at the National English Speech Festival.  Ahead of me was four and half weeks of work in the company of 15 of my international adjudicator colleagues.

I have been fortunate to have been asked eight times to take part in this tremendous competition and my first visit was in 1998.  There have been major changes in the way that people live in Hong Kong during that time but their determination to get the best education possible has remained the same.  They recognise that having great skills in the International business language, English, is essential.

The competition therefore draws in all ages from 4 to post-university and I was privileged to be on the panel of three who judged the final of the public speaking section.  We saw seven young adults who had reached the final by winning  their sections and they gave impassioned speeches on the set topic of ‘How do we reduce global hunger’.   Their imagined audience was the Chamber of Commerce so the focus was often on how business could support just-causes.  One young man really stood out and his prize will be a public speaking course in London and the chance to represent his country in an international speaking competition during 2013.

As I was watching these young Chinese people speak eloquently in English, I was thinking about how little we value our language and the correct speaking of it.  For anyone wishing to work abroad, the ability to speak English well is essential.  We are so lucky that OUR language is the one which other people have to learn in the business world so no excuses!  Speak your language with clarity and pride and do your company and country justice.

I expect to be returning to Hong Kong in 2014 and look forward to it immensely.

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