Hello everyone,

I hope you’re enjoying the sun (when it’s out!).   It’s amazing to me that every time you pick up a magazine or newspaper you are confronted by the latest escapades of some ‘celebrity’.  Am I the only person who frequently finds myself thinking…..”who”?  Well, you can’t get away from the fact that this is free publicity and we can all do with some of that!

When you think of Virgin do you think of it’s various branches or of it’s head, Richard Branson?  And what about Lord Sugar? – do you even know what makes up his business empire?  He ‘IS’ his brand!

In the business world, if you can be perceived as an ‘expert’ in your field you can push your head above the crowds.  So how does this happen?  I have been doing what I do for a long time and ‘longevity’ is certainly useful.  Words in print are really important so you should consider writing articles for professional magazines connected with your business or comment on articles in relevant publications (in July I have a piece in Readers Digest which is a comment on an article I mentioned last month – I got paid for it too!)

Social media is, of course, vital in building your professional profile.  A blog might be appropriate for you and tweeting needn’t take too much time if planned in advance.  Linked-in seems to be the latest thing to focus on and I know that many people wonder whether it’s all worth the bother.  Well, I’m no expert but I DO know that most people now search on-line first when looking for services.  If they see a busy professional with a recently updated website, lots of connections and testimonials which show real benefit they are almost certain to contact you.  You begin to suggest expertise and stand out in your market sector.  Celebrity beckons, so try a few new things and see!

I have got work directly from using social media and I would especially recommend S.E.O. with a PROVEN web company which has a real track record in achieving results.  I’ll recommend mine if you want a no obligation chat about it.

So, what has June presented as challenges for me?  Well, I attended 20 networking events.  Good grief – how did I manage that!  We had a highly successful ‘Dynamic Speaking’ day course on 13 June (N.B. next ones are 3 October and 1 November – details HERE), and I took a bespoke workshop for Rainbows Children’s Hospice fundraisers on 21 June.

I spoke at 4 events:

  • The Business Club, Lincoln
  • Coventry Chamber of Commerce (in a corset shop!)
  • 4 Networking, Rugby
  • Business Over Breakfast (BoB Clubs) at Bulkington, Warks.

I had 2 highly entertaining visits to the theatre, facilitated 3 days of examining for my Drama School and finally, welcomed 9 new private business clients.

We now have a FREEPHONE number for Loud & Clear enquiries so you have nothing to lose in giving us a call on 0800 083 4082.

My Autumn courses are proving popular so don’t lose out on training that GUARANTEES to improve your communication skills.

Courses cost only £35 or £40 for a half-day including refreshments and a great chance to network AND YOU WILL LEARN VITAL NEW SKILLS.  Courses are currently available at Solihull & Leicester.  for details click HERE

or call NOW on 0800 083 4082

                             And don’t forget:

but your SPEECH should be PRICELESS!

Have a great month,

Kindest regards,


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