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Hello everyone,

As many of you know I began my working life as a speech & drama teacher and over the last 40 years I’ve done more than 40 theatrical productions with adults and youngsters.  It occurred to me that planning these events is very much like running a business – there are so many balls you have to keep in the air at once.

Since September I’ve been rehearsing ‘Alice’s Adventures’ on Saturdays and Sundays with 80 youngsters aged 7 to 19.  Here are some of the processes that the production involves:

  • March – a meeting for all interested parties
  • April – Auditions taking 6 hours
  • Casting and duplication of individual scripts
  • Rehearsal schedule to performance dates on 9 to 11 February 2012
  • Listing the props and getting help (4 willing parents) – flamingos!!!
  • Listing costumes (105) and enlisting helpers to make, find or hire
  • Design/print posters and the programme
  • Selling advertising space
  • Getting raffle prizes
  • Selling tickets
  • Organising helpers for later rehearsals and dressing rooms
  • Booking photographer and publicity shoot
  • Getting onto local radio and into the press
  • Scenery – borrowing stage cloths and getting pieces made (mushroom, tree, royal court)
  • Booking musicians for the week of the show

And that’s just for starters – I’m sure many more things will need doing before we get to opening night.

So, a producer/director needs to be a jack-of-all-trades and although many others will be involved, the buck will stop with yours truly.

By the way, if you’d like to come and see our stunning production from 9th to 11th February at 7.30pm plus a 2.30pm matinee on the 11th, let me know.  All proceeds will be going to the Concordia Theatre in Hinckley which relies totally on charitable donations and audience revenue.

I had another busy month in October with 2 open workshops; a ‘Dynamic Speaking’ day in Leicester and a ‘Being Loud & Clear’ half day in Solihull.  I also trained staff at the Co-op Banking Group, Manchester and Cemex, Rugby.  Individual coaching included a trip to Ofsted, Bristol to coach a member of staff and I spoke at a Coventry Chamber of Commerce event.  There were the usual networking happenings and a couple of theatre trips.

November is certainly equally busy with another ‘Dynamic Speaking’ day on 1 November (full) and a ‘Voice Matters in Business’ half day on 8 November (also full)

I’ll be working for 6 days in Plymouth, 2 days in Cambridge and 1 day in Colne, Lancs.  To finish off November I’ll be working with the ladies in ‘Being Vocal in a Man’s World’ at Solihull on 23 November and Kettering on 25 November. At only £35 it’s the bargain of the month – if not the year!  See here for more information on my courses. There are lots of free tips on my website and YouTube channel so why not take a look here

Well, that’s all I have time for this month.  Don’t forget to follow my tweets – @VoiceExpert

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            Speak well

                                       Speak   Loud & Clear! 

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