What my clients have to say

Lauren Samuels – 3rd in BBC’s “Over the Rainbow”, leading roles in “Grease”, “We Will Rock You”, “Bend it like Beckham” in the West End. 
Lauren was coached by me for 11 years.

Graeme Hawley.  Appeared in Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Love and Marriage. Award winning stage actor.

 Daniel Bruce, radio presenter & editor

I attended Priscila's voice coaching coarse today and found it extremely enlightening. The coarse was well presented in good surroundings and was great value for money.

John Illingworth

Priscilla has such a vast knowledge of the voice. Her courses are a great introduction to how the voice works, moving on to more advanced presentation skills. I have used Priscilla for one to one sessions as well, and i have no doubt that her influence has had a positive out come on my business. I would definitely recommend Priscilla to anyone who uses their voice for work.

Adam Burrage

I have attended two of Priscilla's courses and found them very thought provoking. The interaction between Priscilla and the delegates was excellent, her knowledge of the content defines her in my eyes as an expert. Great courses and an absolute specialist in voice coaching.

Gavin Whittaker

Priscilla provides a first class voice coaching service. Her reputation for excellence is second to none. I have nothing but praise for her.

Jacqui Tillyard

Priscilla was invited to speak about using your voice to promote your business at a Business for Breakfast open networking event with over 60 guests. The audience really enjoyed Priscilla’s presentation and two days later I am still getting feedback on how good and useful it was. Priscilla is a real expert in her field and a joy to work with.

Joan Edwards

Having attended one of Priscilla's courses, "Being vocal in a Man's World" it was both informative and fun. Priscilla provided some expert tips and thought provoking exercises. I would highly recommend attending one of Priscilla's courses to improve presentation skills and everyday business needs.

Debbie Heron

Priscilla gave a most interesting and enjoyable presentation to The Business Club in Lincoln. She gave the members a number of things to consider, with regard to using the voice as a way of attracting, impressing and retaining business contacts. With plenty of delegate participation and humorous anecdotes, Priscilla ensured that all members and guests went away inspired and happy. This was a very enjoyable session, and very relevant for all business owners.

Mike Stokes

Priscilla is a very professional, honest and genuine lady. I have attended a number of Priscilla's Loud and Clear courses which have enabled me to develop my Public Speaking skills.
The courses are always professionally run, fun and good value.
I would not hesitate to use Priscilla's services again some time in the future.

Karen Williams

As a fitness instructor I often need to be heard at the back of a large room or over the voices of others. Prior to Priscilla's coaching, I would shout to be heard which often resulted in me having a sore throat a few days later. Priscilla helped me to re-train the way I project my voice to the back of a room and I no longer suffer with a sore throat. Priscilla is highly recommended for her experience and knowledge in all areas of voice coaching.

Becky White

My sales team attended one of Priscilla's presentation courses. All of my team thoroughly enjoyed the day with Priscilla and really valued what they learnt on the course. I would highly recommend Priscilla. Fantastic

Paul Hines

I have been lucky enough to spend time with Priscilla and to benefit from her vast experience. She has helped me both Professionally and personally and the results are still evident nearly 2 years later! Highly recommended.

Lee Martin

I attended one of Priscilla's Voice Matters in Business seminars as I wanted to improve my public speaking abilities. She put me at ease straight away is she is such a lovely lady with a very friendly and upbeat manner. However, she is much more than a nice person. She is an expert in her field. What Priscilla doesn't know about how the voice works and how to get the best from it, really isn't worth knowing. Highly recommended.

Katie Neeves

Having attended two of Priscilla's courses, I would highly recommend them to anyone in business. Priscilla shows you how to use your voice effectively in different working environments. The courses are packed with the necessary techniques which result in a FUN day! Thanks Priscilla!

Pam Collins

I attended one of Priscilla's half day workshops and found it to be very engaging and informative. What I took away from only half a day has had an great impact on my confidence when speaking in-front of people. If anyone has any issues with their voice or confidence when speaking, then I would recommend Loud & Clear every time.

Paul Sibson

Priscilla and I are members of Business Networking South Leicestershire, so we meet most Thursdays at our weekly breakfast meeting. Priscilla always practises what she preaches, and her presentations are very clear and interesting to listen too. Many of the club members have been to see Priscilla for one to one coaching, and have always given excellent feedback afterwards. I am also impressed by the ever growing list of corporate customers who choose Priscilla to work with their employees.

Ian Warren
Go Cruise

Priscilla gives wonderful and informative insight on how to improve your public speaking. I would definitely recommend attending one of her courses.

Helen Rollins

I attended my first workshop with Priscilla today. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and found it to be of great use. It was a great opportunity to meet with like minded business women to share our ideas, experiences and put to practice some of the techniques we had learnt during the day. I picked up some great tips and hope to have the opportunity to work with Priscilla again in the future. Thank you.

Karen Abbott

I have just completed my first half day course with Priscilla called 'Voice Matters in Business'. What a fantastic course; Priscilla made everyone feel welcome and the whole thing was varied. Priscilla helped us to work with each other trying out different levels of speech, listening to how our voices could sound if we let them!!!, and learning what we could do to get the best from our voices. The location and price were excellent and I would recommend this course to anyone who uses their voice in business e.g. sales, telephone, training and development, influencing etc.

Jo Gallagher

I attended Priscillas half day course, 'Voice Matters in Business' and, got what I want from any course, I learnt something. Priscilla is very personable, displays an expert knowledge of speech, both theoretically and practically.

Mahmood Reza

We booked Priscilla as an inspirational keynote speaker and she didn't disappoint! Our audience; SME's; were enthralled and the feedback excellent. "Priscilla made us think about our voice and how it impacts on our business – something we’d never considered before".
“We have employees on the phone talking to our customers, we work hard on training them to do their job but now we’re thinking all that could go to waste if their voice is not right”

We have booked Priscilla to speak at all our clubs and will be holding her workshops too to help our members further with perfecting their voice for their business.

Debbie Reynolds
The Business Club

Priscilla has spoken at Total Networking on several occasions. A superb communicator, on each occasion the feedback from delegates has been 5 star! Following her presentation on 'elevator pitches' every single attendee was able to immediately show a marked improvement in their pitch using simple and memorable advice from Priscilla - we even had fun! Highly recommended!

Darren Joint

I have just finished a very enjoyable and very rewarding set of voice coaching sessions with Priscilla. Priscilla is not only hugely knowledgable and enthusiastic, she is also patient and warm. I have come away with a better understanding of my voice as a tool and how to use it to its best effect. Thank you, Priscilla.

Paul Kaerger

Priscilla has improved the clarity of my communication so much. The tools she has given me are invaluable. The science of communication is amazing and if you use communication as a key part of your profession, this is a very worthwhile education. In fact, I couldn't recommend it enough, thanks Priscilla.

Ian Fincham

Speaking with Charisma day.Had such a brilliant day, thank you Priscilla, a rare talent and you read the room so well, learnt so much from you, what's next? Everyone who stands up and speaks should sign up immediately, I promise you, it will enlighten your understanding, I met so many fantastic people on the course and now have new friends

Chris Beasley-Reynolds

I have recently spent a very informative and engaging session with Priscilla. I've learnt so much about my voice; what I can do with it and how I can protect it. Priscilla is great at putting you at ease if you're not a confident speaker. Now, I just need to practice and develop the learning. Perhaps I should book another session to keep the momentum up!

Karen Chapell

I went to Priscilla for help to speak better in front of large audiences and make myself be heard better. I now feel so much more confident and have learnt some useful tips to speak louder, clearer and help my audience listen to me and have confidence and engage with what I am saying. I very much recommend Priscilla to all who are terrified of public speaking. She has helped me to not only build my confidence, but to enjoy speaking.

Beverley King

Priscilla is my presentation and vocal coach, plus my "go-to" on all performance matters. Her attention to detail and encyclopedia-like knowledge of presentation and speech is a must for anyone wanting to "find their voice" whether novice, or professional. Plus, she is a empathetic, kind coach and wonderful person. I must report in for a "tune up" following my current tour. I fully credit Priscilla with taking me from competent to polished and from polished to exciting. I can honestly say, the best investment that I have ever made!

Benjamin Walker

Priscilla spoke at our Women in Business Conference recently and was great! She spoke eloquently and with passion about her subject and the audience loved learning more about how they can use their voice more effectively in business. It was a truly informative and interesting talk, complemented with a dash of humour and fun too. Our audience loved hearing from Priscilla and we would highly recommend her at a speaker at your event. Karen Heap Founder of Socially Shared Business Support Network, Consultant at Orchard Business Development

Karen Heap

Priscilla taught me so much about my own voice and gave me the necessary tools to speak clearer, with confidence and in a way which ensures my voice has impact. I would highly recommend her as she is professional and diplomatic in her approach and instilled so much confidence in my ability.

Zabin Chauhan

I can highly recommend Priscilla's services. I had a critical presentation to deliver as part of a bid / tender process but my internal coaches left for other roles! Priscilla supported me in developing the immediate skills needed to deliver the presentation and to overcome my nerves. After the presentation, she went on to coach me in a wider range of voice skills and supported me in focussing my development in a couple of key area's, which I am now using regularly. Highly recommended for those that have strong 'technical' skills, but need support with developing business communications skills as their career develops.

Jason Tandy

Priscila gives comprehensive support in her voice coaching. She was clear, concise and encouraging. Many thanks.

Annie Stoker

Having just completed a set of thoroughly enjoyable voice coaching sessions with Priscilla I’ve come away with a new voice, something I never thought would be possible at the start of the course. Thanks to Priscilla’s fun and supportive coaching technique I can now speak much more clearly and confidently.

Alex Rees
Hexagon Leasing

I have been having lessons with Priscilla for two years. I’ve learned a lot and it has been a pleasure. I will now keep doing the lessons by Skype from Spain. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their communication skills and speak perfect English!!

Ignacio Mirasol

Priscilla came to see us at our WIRE Warwickshire ladies’s network a while back, & we had a very interesting morning learning about our voices and public speaking... Thank you - she is a very experienced lady in this field!

Lucy Morgans

I worked with Priscilla on vocal communication with half a dozen sessions. The advice she gave was very insightful. I actively looked forward to the practise and will be continuing with it even though our sessions have finished. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process.

Rob Matson
Simplfy Group

I have found Priscilla to be an excellent tutor, good at understanding my needs and identifying where I need to improve and then helping me target those areas. I would highly recommend her as a voice coach.

Mark Allison

Priscilla is an amazing and professional voice coach who brings all of the skills and expertise together to the training. “Having coaching with with Priscilla is a rare opportunity to come across, a self-driven, talented and very motivated person. Extremely creative and innovative, even we did not have enough time, but she condensed the training and in few hours all was delivered. still practicing my la la la la la la la la

Edmar Mac
Cyber Security St.

Priscilla helped me improve the clarity and impact of my voice particularly in business situations. I found her to be a fantastic teacher who always gave good advice and the sessions were challenging but fun. For a little over a year we worked on items including the basic principles, precision, voice tone and tips for public speaking. She gave me lots of useful exercises to practice at home with. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who wants to develop their voice for any reason.

Steve Wigful
Earl Shilton Building Society

I just wanted to let you know what an impact you have had on me. I feel so much better in myself because since coming to you I haven’t lost my voice once. I am also able to change the pitch of my voice without my throat getting tight. I am finding public speaking much easier too. I believe that all of this is one of the reasons I have secured a new job. From September I will be a headteacher. I am so excited for my new adventure. Thank you for being part of the journey in getting me there.
Kind regards,

Shelley Rogers

Priscilla expertly helped build my impact when speaking as well as my understanding of what I needed to achieve by clever assessment, honest feedback and clear instruction, obviously drawing from years of experience - problems were nailed really quickly.

Priscilla has a lovely manner, all the time making you aware of the fascinating science of the human voice and even though I only had a few lessons I now see speech and how others will listen in a completely different way.

I heartily recommend her assistance - even if you are just thinking of voice coaching give her a ring, you will not regret it. Enjoy that new found confidence!

Jon Smith
Airline Pilot

Priscilla is brilliant, highly professional, very experienced and a lovely person to work with! I had an hour a month of one-on-one lessons, over an 8-month period. I elected to have the face-to-face lessons rather than Skype option as I found it much more personal and beneficial.

As I am not a native English speaker, my intention, partly, was to soften my accent and also to take my English to a higher level. I have definitely achieved this through these sessions. This is the ‘little extra’, which cannot be found in language books and is hardly mentioned in language classes. I have learned about and focused on emphasis, pitch, tone and neutral vowels, which I never paid much attention to even in my mother tongue.

The other reason I wanted these lessons was to help with presenting information as part of my work involves talking to groups and I have struggled in the past with passing on information clearly and confidently. Priscilla has helped me immensely with this and I am really noticing the difference in my work.

I highly recommend these sessions to anyone, regardless of whatever professional path they may be on. This is a transferable skill, which can be a great benefit for any personal or professional situation throughout your life.

Nikolett Balazs - Visual Merchandiser
Silver Cross

Priscilla was a great teacher, full of energy and commitment to help you achieve your objectives. I'd definitely recommend anyone who has to do public speaking or talk to teams in any company to take the programme.

Hernan Galvis - Engineering Business Improvement Leader

I visited Priscilla to build my impact when speaking, get feedback on my voice technique, and for my on-going personal and professional development (both for myself and for my work with my own clients). She was able to give honest practical feedback with the benefit of many years of experience of a wide range of situations, and the sessions were practical and practice based on my specific situation. I have gone away with a wealth of new techniques and exercises to practice and embed. Most importantly for me, the sessions were light-hearted and felt like a really enjoyable way to spend my precious development/'me' time!”

Alice Cooper
Cranford Coaching

As a busy C-level executive clear, verbal communication is a vital everyday tool. Voice training with Priscilla Morris has made a huge difference to my confidence when speaking to individuals and groups. The techniques she has taught me ripple through every conversation, meeting and presentation and have helped me to become a more professional and well-rounded speaker at work and in my social life. People want to listen and respond more positively than before!

Technology CEO

I was recommended Priscilla as a voice coach as I am transitioning from male to female and your voice is a significant factor in being identified as female. Priscilla has worked with transgender clients before and I was very impressed with her range of clients. When we met the first time Priscilla was lovely and so understanding and  accepting of me that I was immediately at ease. I had no idea what to expect and Priscilla explained the way she would work with me to modify my voice and how she could help me.
I realised almost immediately that it is not simply pitch that matters, but a much wider range of skills and variations in the female voice from the male voice. The exercises we did together in our sessions and the homework exercises started to change my voice noticeably. In any change like this practice practice practice is key and each time we met Priscilla followed up on the previous session and gave me feedback on areas to work on  and positive reinforcement of the aspects I had mastered. This motivation really helped me move ahead
Having worked with actors and actresses as well as being a public speaker Priscilla helped give the confidence to be more expressive and use emotion in my voice and over the 4 sessions the changes were truly amazing
I cannot thank or recommend Priscilla highly enough for anyone seeking help with voice coaching and for transgender clients I can say she is accepting, caring, professional and a lovely person who will help you on your journey

Sasha Owen

I would warmly recommend Priscilla's services as a voice coach. Priscilla was adept at pin-pointing where coaching was needed and worked well, with me, on a one to one basis. The experience overall boosted my confidence and ability to prepare for presentations. I am certain I will be calling on her support in the future.

Shona Whitehead
Cogent Blue

I am writing to thank you for the helpful sessions that we have had over the past few months, and for your incisive and professional approach to pronunciation coaching. After the first session with Priscilla, I decided to continue as she covered a lot of issues and I realised that she could help me to improve my skills in speaking English. I knew these would be useful to me in my personal and work life. 

Thank you for your support and hope to have more lessons in the future. 

Jessica Liu

I'd like to thank Priscilla for her wisdom, guidance, and expertise when it comes to public speaking. She has a wealth of knowledge on speaking in any public arena and is really approachable. Her passion for helping people to communicate confidently shines through. I'm very happy to recommend her!

Alison Fox - celebrant

We engaged Priscilla to undertake a vocal impact in business workshop with us as a HR team.

Priscilla's energy knows no bounds. She held our interest and kept things fresh for a whole day - no mean feat! We learned a lot and practically applied these learnings too. Priscilla is skilled at managing extroverts and drawing out the introverts, ensuring we all participated and safely came out of our comfort zones.

If you are seeking support in presentation skills? The art of influence? Or generally getting yourself heard? We highly recommend you approach Priscilla.

Clare Farmer
Simplify Group

Just done a speaking presentation at the Duke of Edinburgh Gold awards at St James Palace. Had some amazing feedback.
I had a room with about 150 people in (the long picture gallery) and no microphone. Also the first time my mum has heard me speak. Some of the young people actually said the speech was amazing as they came to collect their awards off me.

Just wanted to let you know some people complimented my delivery skills, pauses, tone and in a room of that size projection was key. So a big thanks again for your coaching which is serving me very well!

Alex Staniforth

Hi Priscilla,

I really want to thank you a lot for your great effort for voice coaching to me so that now I can speak more clear and louder. Also I am getting more better on my pronouncing as well. This is because of what you taught me. I will always keep practicing which you learned me so that I can be more better on my speaking and pronouncing. I am really feeling a big difference in myself than what I was before. And I am really very happy to have that.

Once again thank you so much.

Kind regards,

Krishnakant Bari

Krishnakant Bari
Kettleby Foods

Many thanks for the course yesterday it was very enjoyable the tutoring was excellent and skills learned will be put into practice again today
Thanks again

Martin Bradbury
Calderdale Borough Council

After starting a new job with the Fundraising team at LOROS Hospice, I found that I was struggling with my presentation skills when meeting with community groups to showcase the work that we do. I wasn’t a confident speaker and felt intimidated by the subject matter that I needed to discuss. Life at LOROS is hugely positive and I often meet with patients and families who are dealing with such difficult situations with incredible grace and resilience, and sharing their stories is a daunting task.

I met with Priscilla for four sessions to work on my confidence and vocal technique. The amount that we covered in this time is incredible. I still have a lot to develop, but I now have the tools to do so. My confidence has improved greatly and I’ve had lots of positive experiences whilst presenting since starting these sessions. I now view presenting as a project to improve upon and enjoy rather than something to fear.

Thank you so much for all of your help. It really has been invaluable in building my confidence and helping me to enjoy my work.

Best Wishes,

Clare Harwood.

Clare Harwood, fundraising Co-ordinator
LOROS Hospice, Leicester

I had a very good time with Priscilla, not only did I learn new things but my confidence was surely boosted. I laughed at some habits I had which was making my pronunciation of words sound wrong. I am still reminding myself on how to say some words. The sessions have amazingly changed me and my self esteem.

Esther Kachingwe
Home Instead Senior Care

I have found the help very professional and well organised. The change in Esther’s speech is there for all to hear. As an investment in Esther it helps her immensely with Clients and Caregivers. The impression Esther gives now in contact with all, is clear and concise. As Esther progresses in to more senior management roles as our business grows, I know that this is invaluable training. For people to reach their full potential, they must first and foremost be able to communicate clearly with Client’s and staff.

Kevin Winch
Home Instead Senior Care

I come from a trade background and through successfully completing university on top of the day job in my late twenties/early thirties and the subsequent career change, I found myself thrust into the professional world and all of the expectations that go with it.
I have/had a strong southern accent with a gravely tone. Priscilla helped me to learn to soften my accent when in business circles also techniques to improve the clarity and the tone of my voice.
Within the course of working with Priscilla I gained promotion as a Quantity Surveyor and my confidence has grown with my communication skills. Now that the planned sessions are complete I will continue to build upon the good work we have done and also go back for a refresher session to work on the speech for my upcoming wedding. Thank you Priscilla.

Scott Hoare
Willmott Dixon

It wasn't until I frightened a shopping assistant, that I realised I
had a problem with my voice.
As a Trans' person, I needed some rather unique tuition. I pass
En-femme in public - that is until I talk.
Priscilla took my initial request for help professionally, showing
great interest in where my problems lay. At my one to one tutorials, I
was given a series of exercises to help bring out my "inner girl".
I'm now more confident, and use many of the tools I was taught
Thank you for all the help you gave me.


Thank you so much for your help.
I really enjoyed myself! I had a rusty start but I delivered the speech from my heart and it just flowed. In fact I did so well that I have been offered a job with the Prince's Trust!

Thank you again for your help.

Jasbinder Singh

I just wanted to thank you personally for your support to our BAWP Awards Ceremony and development day on Tuesday 28th June.

It was very good of you to come and speak at the event and I thought the session about the impact your voice and tone can have on others was very relevant, and it generated a lot of discussion amongst delegates. It is vital that the delegates heard directly from you what women (and men) can do to best present themselves to a variety of audiences and in differing circumstances. I also thought your humour was fantastic too.

Thanks again for your support

Dee Collins,
BAWP President
West Yorkshire Police

British Association of Women in Policing

I suggested to a colleague that he might benefit from some voice coaching. I did not anticipate the improvement that a few sessions with you have made. Not only is there a greater clarity and effectiveness in his presentation and speech, there has been a discernible improvement in his confidence in a number of other areas. Many people have commented on the improvement even though they were not aware that he was receiving some voice coaching.

Graham Dunn - for Peter Gardner
Barrow Baptist Church

It was an absolute joy to be taught by Priscilla Morris. From the very beginning a degree of professionalism was held, with each member participating being given booklets outlining the breakdown of the two hour session. The information within it introduced us to the organs of speech and how certain techniques can help an actor project outwards to his/her audience. Not only did she emphasise the importance of speech projection in a performance, but also how one's articulation is paramount in transferring the meaning of specific words, especially in works such as Shakespeare. Play excerpts were handed out amongst the group and we were asked to couple up and recite these pieces in pairs, paying particular attention to our breathing, as we were told the strength in our voices originated from the diaphragm. Tongue twisters then helped us focus on precision and clarity in delivery. She meticulously studied us in this process and was always available to answer a query or correct a fault. All in all, in her teaching, she managed to pass on valuable lessons on the tricks of the trade and every member leaving the session has benefited because of it.

Shannon Smith
Nottingham New Theatre Company

Simon HenstockThe feedback from the Auctioneers team last night over dinner was very favourable and everyone agreed that they all got something out of it .
We were happy with the content of the workshop , your expertise , knowledge and experience in the world of effective communication through presenting and public speaking is very evident .
As I mentioned our Auctioneers team range from a few prima donnas to a few shy and almost introvert individuals , however what they all have in common is that they do a great job when they perform on the rostrum .They all appreciated the tips which will help them with preparing and coping with the challenges of their jobs on a daily basis .

Simon Henstock

Jayne SharplesThank you for a great session yesterday, there was a great energy in the room and everyone seemed to get a lot from the session.

Jayne Sharples
Coaching Connections

The feedback from the course was great and we can see a difference in the confidence with those supervisors.

Wendy Robinson
National Grid Supervisor Conference

Thank you for carrying out this training. The feedback from the team has been overwhelmingly poisitive.

Kristy Ingles
Blaby District Council

“Really enjoyed the training. I’m sure all the tips will come in useful for my quiet voice (indeed the breathing advice did that very day when I had to talk to the potential new recruits at our taster session.)”

“Priscilla’s training was engaging and practical, but most of all extremely relevant to our needs. All the team walked away with practical ideas of what they could do to improve and protect their voices. There have been many conversations in the office this week discussing what we’ve tried, and reminding each other to breathe!”

Kate oliver, schools learning manager
The Horniman Public Museum & Public Park Trust

'I was pretty blasé when it came to my voice and controlling it but this session highlighted elements I can improve on a daily basis both in telephone and face to face conversations. Slow down, be clear and more thoughtful in my conversations… get to the point and highlight vocally words I want the recipient to remember!'

'Overall a good session, really made me think about the way I speak not just to clients, but in all situations, and I want to put things in to practice.'

'Although the words we speak are important the way we say and deliver them can have more effect and meaning, using both inflection, pitch, tone and pauses will carry more weight.'

'Has encouraged me to think about how to keep up the energy of conference calls, encourage input whilst keeping control.'

'Overall I thought it beneficial in making me think about how tone of voice helps create the image you want; something of particular significance when outbounding and the prospect has nothing else to go on!'

Mark Frost, staff workshop

Priscilla has helped me out on several occasions now and in very different circumstances. She has done one-to-one work with myself and other key members of the Blaby team to help us find our voice confidently in challenging circumstances, done some group coaching with staff and councillors and most recently helped my son find his voice, confidence and presence as he worked his way successfully through a long and complex recruitment process.

Priscilla is a marvel at what she does and I cant thank her enough.

Sandra Whiles
CE Blaby District Council and DCN CE lead on Quality of Life, Health and Wellbeing

After 7 sessions with Priscilla I have noticed an improvement in my pronunciation of many words. As English is my 2nd language I sometimes struggled to be understood. In my sessions, Priscilla showed me how to reshape some of my vowel sounds to improve my clarity. I found the time spent with Priscilla to be worthwhile and would recommend her to anyone who wants to soften their accent.

Dominika Chmura

I attended voice coaching sessions with Priscilla because I felt that I needed to soften my accent, whilst continuing to sound natural. I was sure from the first meeting that I had found a real 'authority' on clear and effective speaking! Priscilla not only helped me with my accent, but also with my ability to express myself confidently. Self improvement is much more effective with the help a brilliant teacher and I would recommend Priscilla to anyone who wants to work on the important skill of commanding their own voice.

Richard Sigsworth

Scott TurnerIn my role at work I am often called upon to provide presentations and demonstrations. As someone who speaks quietly, it was recommended that I have voice coaching. My company recommended that I arrange for one to one sessions with Priscilla.
Priscilla was able to make me feel at ease very quickly and identified a number of areas of improvement. These included miss-pronounciation of certain sounds and shallow breathing. Over the course of a number of months Priscilla and I practiced various techniques to address these areas of improvement until I was at the stage where I was much clearer during presentations.
Priscilla was technically very capable. She understood exactly what the issues were, was able to explain them in a clear and easy to understand manner, and provided excellent exercises to overcome them.
I would recommend Priscilla to anyone who requires help with presentation skills, particularly speech.

Scott Turner
Emerson Process Management

Priscilla was recommended to me by someone who had attended and enjoyed a voice workshop. Being a trainer and presenting several sessions every day, I found I was losing my voice on a regular basis.. I'm happy to say that having just three sessions with Priscilla, i know how to breathe effectively and take the strain away from my voice box amongst other tips and techniques. Great results so thank you Priscilla.

Moira Ballantine

"it's been fantastic working with Priscilla. Being an experienced presenter within a large corporate business environment means that i've had a lot of past practice and also presentation training - however, working with Priscilla 1-2-1 has really allowed me to find my areas for improvement and work on them - my results really improved but it's still practice, practice, practice..."

All the best - Roash

Roashan Patel

Priscilla is an outstanding voice coach who worked with me over a number of sessions to improve my voice in a number of areas. Her sessions are focused and she provides a number of exercises to improve your voice, providing encouraging and constructive feedback at all
times. She is highly passionate and this is infectious and the sessions are also fun and enjoyable! My voice now is far more interesting using inflections to give it far more colour as well as clear and louder. If you want to improve your voice and have more impact in your business life there really is no-one better.

Kier Gough

Alan just asked me to write and say how much he enjoyed your talk. He said he thinks you’re a lovely engaging speaker and the clients were very interested in what you had to say and were very complimentary about your presentation and your wonderful voice.

I thought you were great too!

Sharon Lemieux
Action Coach

Priscilla you are a legend!! In my profession as a social media trainer and speaker, clear and confident communication is a must. As much as I enjoy being an instructor, I knew I had some bad habits that needed addressing such as occasional mumbling, going off topic, losing my thread,

As soon as I met Priscilla when I hosted her at a business networking event as a guest speaker on delivering elevator pitches I knew instantly that she had the expertise I was looking for. 3 months and 5 sessions later, she's absolutely transformed the way I present and speak. Projection, Clarity, pitch, tone, pauses, ways to engage and involve the audience. Finally I can throw away the notes and be confident I'll never need to read from an A4 sheet again. The audience feedback from recent presentations has been brilliant. What an incredible investment -one that I'm sure will pay off for many years to come -Can't recommend Priscilla highly enough, thanks to her guidance, I feel I'm already taking my business to the next level.

Paul Wilson
PRwilson Media

Re coaching for a presentation at a major NHS conference:
"Well - I loved it! It felt natural and authentic to be telling the NHS my approach to the obesity epidemic. Thank you, Priscilla Morris, for teaching me everything I needed to be successful when public speaking. When someone tells you, post - presentation, that you have a great speaking voice - you know that you got it right. Bring it on!"

Andrea Bayles
Natural Solutions

We are a professional businesswomen’s network operating across Coventry and Warwickshire. Priscilla ran a fabulous session at our recent event which was engaging, inspiring and thought provoking. She delivered the session in a professional, energetic and fun way and it was extremely well received by our members. The feedback we received after the event was tremendous and we wouldn’t fail to recommend her to others.

Lisa Kennedy and Julie Richardson, Directors,

Lisa Kennedy and Julie Richardson
Ladies First Professional Development Ltd

Clare Langan, professional flautistI love your voice tips! Seeing you work on Cunard had a profound impact on me. I realised what a difference clarity of speech makes. I've seen a big improvement in my show just by putting into practice your tips. I never realised how important my talking was until I saw you and heard it done so perfectly. I now see I can add an extra dimension by having good diction - exciting!

Clare Langan, professional flautist

Priscilla, you were excellent, we thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot. First rate - and we see a lot of top quality speakers so we do have a benchmark.

Graham Speechley
Business Leaders Learning

Just wanted to let you know that after working with you, I was selected for the first seat that I applied for!

I really couldn't have done this without your help and just wanted to thank you again for everything that you did. To be able to stand in front of people with such confidence was something 12 months ago I never dreamed I could achieve.

I am sure that I will need your expertise again in the future and really look forward to working with you

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate

Priscilla’s contribution to our event was exactly what we were looking for – she was informative, amusing and also thought-provoking. We had a range of male and female attendees of varying ages and career progression and Priscilla’s presentation was pitched to appeal to everyone. We would happily recommend Priscilla for your event!

Carly Wilkes
Enterprise Rentacar

Tony BoothRe: Priscilla Morris - Loud & Clear

Voice Coaching Workshop - Testimonial

The schedule for the day meant that this was by necessity a short workshop. Priscilla used the limited time very well giving us plenty - but not too much - information plus practical exercises which gave us the opportunity for experiential learning.

The excellent clarity and pacing meant that the workshop would work well for novices yet Priscilla's engaging style and enlightening content made it also useful to me as an experienced public speaker. The exercises were fun but informative and were managed in a way that meant nervous and/or shy participants felt safe to get stuck in.

Based on this experience I would strongly recommend Loud & Clear to anyone who wants to improve their public speaking.

Tony Booth

Tony Booth
Relate Leicester

It was lovely meeting you on Friday, and we really enjoyed your talk. After a long day, your talk enabled us to end the whole event on a positive high, so thanks very much for your contribution.

Medical Womens Federation
Medical Womens Federation

Hazel LangleyFeedback from your session 'Have you got the X-factor - How to influence and Persuade' was extremely positive with over 80% of the delegates finding the subject matter and the way in which you delivered it thought provoking.

The overall summary of your session was that it was a really useful skill development session which definitely added value to attendance.

I am grateful that you were able to join our members and partners for the event and add value to the conference agenda in this way.

Hazel Langley
British Cleaning Council

Can I just remind everyone just what a terrific voice coach Priscilla is. She certainly made a difference to my world.

Terri Harman

Dear Priscilla Morris,

I would just like to thank you again for all your help over the years I studied with you. I have recently graduated from the University of Bedfordshire with a 2:1 in Theatre and Professional Practice and am now studying a Masters in Theatre: Writing, Directing and Performance at the University of York. It is over these past few years I have really appreciated the knowledge you shared with me as it has most definitely helped me get as far as I have, and will continue to aid me in my studies.

Many thanks,

Katie Crossley

Katie Crossley

Claire Hughes-ThomasOn behalf of all of us at the Peterborough & Cambridge CIPS branch, I would like to thank you again for coming to speak at our event.
We have had positive feedback from our attendees who found your talk enjoyable and very interesting.

Claire Hughes-Thomas
Chatered Institute of Purchasing & Supply

The workshop was great. The workshops (and 1-2-1 sessions have helped immensely and have given me a massive confidence boost, especially when teaching English over the summer.

Ben Ricketts
Trainee Teacher

I was asked, with only a couple of hours notice, to be the Guest Speaker at an event for a new group of 30 trainee Campaign Managers, to talk to them for around 15 mins on my experiences campaigning.

This was completely unexpected and something that I have never done or been asked to do before, let alone without a month to prepare!

By utilising the techniques and pointers that you have given me over the last few months, not only was I able to do it, but it went down a storm (and I actually quite enjoyed it!). It was great to stand there with confidence and talk to the group, knowing that I understood how things work. There were some senior people there from the Party as well, who gave me some great feedback, so it has not done me any harm and whether or not related (although I have a feeling that it is), I have been contacted out of the blue by the Chairman of a prestigious Association with regards to me standing as their Candidate.

I just wanted to share this with you and to say thanks for helping to get me to this point and I look forward to working with you again soon.

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate

Amy EverettI just wanted to thank you for attending our leadership event, your talk was powerful, thought provoking and certainly gave our leadership team food for thought as well as some simple things they can do to help them use their voices as effective tools.

It was the first time we had focussed on anything like this in our event and we’ve received really positive feedback from those that attended with some great examples of where they’ve put they’re new techniques into practice.

Amy Everett
Guinness Northern Counties

I would like to say a huge thank you to Priscilla for the excellent work she did recently with my team at Barclays Business. Priscilla never fails to exceed expectation and the group really valued your knowledge and expertise on your subject. We often take our voices for granted, we dont give our voices a second thought, yet the impact our voices have on our every day life both in business and personally is so huge that it makes complete sense that we should learn about it and train our own voices. Priscilla and Stewart made it very easy to do business with, I would not hesitate in recommending Priscilla to all of my colleagues and customers- in fact I already do.

Gillian Ward
Barclays Bank PLC

Just a line to say a big thank you for your presentation last night at the Business Club, Kettering which was very interesting and informative.
The feedback from the members there has been excellent and I hope we can welcome you back again at sometime
in the future.
Kind regards

Mike Willis
The Business Club

I just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed it this morning, you are quite brilliant and inspirational and I just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed it this morning, you are quite brilliant and inspirational and it was an excellent course.
I am so enthusiastic to try and improve my speaking ability and I am so glad that I “found” you, I may never be brilliant at it but certainly want to try and improve as much as I can.

Elizabeth Straughan

Training for engineering managers.

"I have really noticed an improvement with the guys' presentation skills and their general confidence speaking in a large group - thank you very much for the help that you have given us; our graduate student also thanked me for nominating him to attend, along with the other delegates he has learnt a lot through you."

James Harrison
National Grid

Blaby District Council has worked with Priscilla Morris from Loud and Clear UK several times now when we needed bespoke support for critical projects.

This work has included:

Work with the Chief Executive around delivering difficult messages in a way that creates buy in for change
Work with planning professionals to increase their confidence and ability in presenting evidence and information to Public Enquiries and highly charged Development Control meetings
Work with elected Councillors to increase their confidence in chairing highly charged meetings

Priscilla’s work with us made a real difference to us delivering difficult outcomes in a positive manner.

Sandra Whiles
Chief Executive

Sandra Whiles, chief executive
Blaby District Council

Julie CarmeeIt was a delight having Priscilla come along to the Bosworth Academy to give a lecture to the Swimming Teaching Staff on ‘voice projection and voice protection’. It was a topic the staff had not covered before and hence our enthusiasm to see if our technique could be improved. Priscilla presented the seminar in a relaxing and informative way and all enjoyed the practical elements that, at times, were very funny. We all came away appreciating the importance of breathing correctly; conscious of using the shape of the mouth and tongue when speaking and hydrating in order to prevent damage to our vocal cords and improve the way instructions are relayed. From the Swimming Teaching Staff at Bosworth Academy, Desford, Leicester.

Julie Carmee
Bosworth Academy

BUFDG - Daniel Wake, InternFew people could spark enthusiasm from a group of procurement professionals as quickly as Priscilla could! Voice application is a vital skill in both business and life, and requires tuning and practice as much as any other skill does. Therefore, integrating the Loud and Clear Voice Coaching within a group conference could not be more appropriate. Ultimately, the aims of a conference are to generate discussion between attendees, but Priscilla did so in a way that also improved it. The successful integration of the Loud and Clear Voice Coaching seminar was highlighted by several of the attendees, with feedback such as:
• “The voice session was excellent.”
• “I enjoyed the Loud and Clear session”
• “I will try to use the Loud and Clear advice in training courses and presentations that I make”
At the end of the session, I asked Priscilla for some advice about improving my own voice, and I have been left with several tongue twisters to practice! Overall, for a simply superb seminar taught by a terrific teacher, look no further than Priscilla!

BUFDG - Daniel Wake, Intern
British Universities Financial Directors Group

Mike Ames“I hired Priscilla to help me improve the way I sounded on camera (uuuggghhh) and to allow me to project my voice when public speaking. I am happy to confirm that although my progress continues (practice, practice, practice according to Priscilla) I am already very pleased with the results”

Mike Ames
Flair Business Development Coaching Services

"I've thoroughly enjoyed working with Priscilla through 121 sessions and I have also attended the Voice Matters and Dynamic Speaking courses. Priscilla's approach and developmental feedback have proved to be invaluable. She is able to put individuals and groups at their ease to get the best out of the sessions. I've learned new skills and techniques, which I've been able to apply successfully in practical situations receiving feedback from colleagues about the positive difference they are seeing. My confidence has grown significantly and in the next month I will be able to use what I've learned in entirely new situations as I embark on a different direction in my career. Thanks Priscilla and I look forward to continuing our work. Kathryn Thomas, Strategy and Commercial Manager, The Co-operative Banking Group"

Kathryn Thomas, Strategy and Commercial Manager, The Co-operative Banking Group
Age UK

A very informative, well-structured workshop that made my sales staff fully appreciate the fundamental importance and power there is in how we sound. As we are predominately telephone based I am sure the advice and information we received on the day will help secure more sales and build better relationships with our customers.

Paul Nixon
Commission Air Ltd

Rob AbellA true professional in her field, the main adjective I would use to describe Priscilla is passion! A real passion for what she does, not only has she helped me become more confident in speaking to small groups, she captivated the audience at the AGM of the institute of Professional Willwriters by talking nonstop for over 30 minutes about how important that first communication is with your clients, getting it right first time will secure you new business every time. She also helped my daughter Sophie over the years with her passion to secure a top University place to take her towards an Acting Career, and because I’ve known Priscilla for over 6 years I have no hesitation in strongly recommending her services to others

Rob Abell
Will Planning Solutions

Patrick EatonSee yourself as others see you, let them hear you as you intended. This is what Priscilla did for me after years of knowing that some of my messages weren’t getting across, so that I now can do it in an interesting, lively and informative way.
It’s taken a while; habits do need patience and enthusiasm to change. I can thank Priscilla for doing that for me and doing some quite fascinating things with my voice that others, even the closest of partners, friends and colleagues couldn’t have done. She’s released so much of my potential, thank you.

Patrick Eaton
bd3T Limited

I just want to thank you for showing me how to project my voice better. As you know I often speak in difficult places like pubs and bars, and with your help my voice doesn't now get so strained and I can compete with noise from the London streets on hot evenings.

Peter Spalton
AKA The Dating Doctor

Excellent content, very well presented

Voice Protection & Projection workshop
West Bridgeford, March 2009

A very interesting and valuable course.

Voice Protection & Projection workshop
West Bridgeford, March 2009

Very well presented, most enjoyable

Voice Protection & Projection workshop
Cheshire/Warrington March 2009

Excellent seminar. A must for any sports coach in the UK!!!

Voice Protection & Projection workshop
West Bridgeford, March 2009

An entertaining and practical course. Time just flew by. Priscilla was a great tutor. I can't wait to put it into context. Best CPD I have done.

Voice Protection & Projection workshop
West Bridgeford, March 2009

I would like to send a BIG THANK YOU for the fun I had on Friday (20th March) at the Erewash Partnership Voice Coaching session you did.
I will be honest with you, I didn't expect to gain much from what you had to offer. But I came away having learnt so much. And made new friends along the way.
So thanking you again.

Amanda T. Matthews
The Good Sitting Company Ltd.

I must first of all congratulate you on being a fabulous guest speaker at the Women's Networking Club on Friday. It's a pity so few of us were there to appreciate you, but those who were felt as I did, you were truly superb.

Pauline Bijou
Associate Partner of St James Place Partnership

I just wanted to say thank you for the two sessions on voice protection and projection. With my job as a librarian going into schools and book talking, the techniques I've learnt will help my voice not to end up so tired at the end of a session. The projection breathing techniques will also help when I need to send my voice that bit further across the room! Thanks again. Nicole.

Nicole Jordan
Librarian, Library Services in Education, Leics.

I thought you might like to now how my presentation went today. I took your advice and used a few PowerPoint slides to show my research statistics. I practised the presentation so I could focus on my delivery. I focused on breathing and feeling grounded. I drank lots of water from the night before. I was given positive feedback about my presentation. The Chief Officer for my organisation made a point of saying that my presentation was really clear.

So thank you......I would like to use your services again.

Sonia Harris
Project Manager (London)

I had the good fortune to be able to attend Priscilla’s ‘Voice Matters’ course at the Marriott Hotel and it was excellent! Would recommend anyone in business to find time to take the day out to attend. Priscilla makes it all so simple to follow and you can really see the common sense in the advice and guidance that she gives on the day. Thank you Priscilla for a day well spent and valuable lessons learnt, it is now just a matter of trying to put it all into practice.

Geoff Waters
The Best of Hinckley

If you are involved in any client contact whatsoever I would absolutely recommend that you see Priscilla to improve your presentation and general communication skills.

Luke Mulligan
Shire Chartered Accountants

I have a had the opportunity of having some excellent coaching from Priscilla, I found Priscilla's approach very relaxed yet she gets you fully involved with practical and knowledge based interaction and you leave taking instant results with you. I would strongly recommend you see Priscilla even if you think you have good presentation skills as Priscilla will help you turn it up a gear!

Shiv Pal
Insurety plc/Capital Health Care

Priscilla is an instant motivator! She brings you to life with new passion and drive. I attended one of her Voice Matters workshops recently and found it very useful on a practical level. We all took away our own individual successes and had considerable fun at the same time. She cuts the mustard and is highly recommended.

Rob Abell MIPW
Will Planning Solutions Ltd

Having attended one of Priscilla's workshops I can thoroughly recommend them. Never once did my attention wander, her delivery is so entertaining and informative. The whole experience was thoroughly enjoyable. Also Priscilla worked on a one-to-one basis with a colleague of mine who was about to embark on several public speaking engagements for the first time, and she did wonders for his confidence and presentations.

Rob McVey
Joinery Services

This was a very interesting course. Priscilla showed how basic changes to the way I speak can make a huge difference.
Thank you very much.

Dan Michinson
Loughborough University Centre for Sport

This course was extremely useful. It answered all my questions on voice and taught me a great deal.

Rosjke Hasseldine
Women's Power Circles

Very useful practical learning delivered with passion.

Gillian Hunter

Excellent presentation & seminar. I will recommend you to other business colleagues.

Colin Snaith
CJ Estate Planning Services

I think this is a skill that is very important but not stressed in training enough.

Ayse Brooks
George House - ASDA

Today has been an enjoyable training session. It has surprised me how much of a tool the voice actually is. The important purpose of each vocal and breathing exercise was explained clearly.
Many thanks.

Rob Turner
IT Services Support Ltd.

Priscilla is the voice of the stars! Well ok, if you consider me a star.
One 90minute session helped immensely, massive gains. Looking forward to next 1-1 session. I'll be sounding like a Radio 4 presenter before you know it.
Oh no I won't. What Priscilla recognises is that someone like me needs to retain that rawness, so we've worked on making moderate tweaks here and there to keep the energy and pace in tact, whilst making my speech easier for the audience to follow.

Brad Burton
4Networking Ltd

The Voice Care sessions led by Priscilla have made a profound and lasting difference to our school. She uses a variety of presentation techniques to make the most hesitant participant feel comfortable and her confidence and thorough knowledge of he subject maintains enthusiasm throughout. We would recommend Priscilla wholeheartedly. She is lively, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable but most of all her sessions are effective.

Lesley Suggett
Head teacher

I have attended some coaching sessions on a one to one basis with Priscilla. I had always regarded myself as a naturally quietly spoken person, so I was surprised how I could project my voice, just like others, by technique, exercises, and Priscilla's confidence in my ability.

She can also help with voice protection, which can be very helpful if you are making lots of phone calls, or are attending networking events with speed networking or those events where you need to talk to people day long.

I would highly recommend Priscilla to anyone.

Alex Cosgrave
Forever Living Products

A tremendous insight into methods of improving my vocal communication.

Phil Atherton,
Precept Mentoring Group

Through Priscilla’s patient and thoughtful approach I have been able to transform the way I express myself. What you have done for me is nothing short of phenomenal. You have enabled me to alter my speech, its character retained, but its clarity, and purpose enhanced beyond any of my expectations - I have recently been promoted and your training is, no doubt, an important factor in gaining my position.

Martin Hall
Capital One, Europe

I am now more self confident and find I sound clearer and think about the words I am saying. Going to Priscilla has improved my job prospects and I shall not hesitate to recommend this training.

Elaine Styles
Head of HR, George Eliot Hospital, Nuneaton

This morning I gave a motivational talk to 40 women and put all your suggestions into use and it was amazing, I spoke a lot slower, drank plenty of water, and breathed correctly. The result was that I got a fantastic response and everyone said how much they had enjoyed it and how clear I was.

Helen Pinnock
Wellbeing Clinic, Notts

Hi Priscilla, thought I would drop you an email to thank you for your help. I was offered the job of energy engineer which I have accepted and hopefully will help me submit for the post of team leader at a later date. I am over the moon.

Lisa Rodmel,
local government engineer

One of the delegates is still raving about it as it has helped her so much. She now feels much more confident and is gaining fabulous feedback on her speaking engagements. I think you can assume you were an unqualified hit! Everyone seemed to get so much out of it and all in different ways

Mandy Edwards
Sell Division (After a workshop for ING, Nottingham)

I originally come from Poland. I was getting rather frustrated and went to Priscilla to make my speech more understandable. She has managed to inject confidence into my speech and myself as I discovered new courage to converse with greater ease. I am extremely grateful to Priscilla for her patience and perseverance and that she expressed such infectious enthusiasm in her work.

Anna Whaley

After a very long day at work I wasn’t too sure how long I would be able to concentrate during the Voice Matters session that Priscilla delivered to the Women in Management Network. To my surprise the content was captivating and Priscilla was charismatic in her delivery – truly practicing what she preaches! I could instantly see how the trainers within our company would benefit from the exercises on clarity and range, to ensure that they hold the interest of their audience. It was fascinating to learn how the voice works and more importantly, how to protect it. It made me realise how much we take our voices for granted. A real thought provoking session!

Kerry Amos
Learning Centre Manager

I would like to thank you very much for your contribution at the recent Southern Water ‘Learn to Swim’ conference. There was not a single negative comment on any of the 101 forms returned regarding your presentation and there is no doubt that your involvement went a long way to making it a really good day.

Linda Jones
ASA Awarding Body

The course was very useful, informative, and relevant. Of particular use to me were the breathing and projection exercises which have considerably increased the power in my voice without any extra effort. I no longer have to shout to be heard - a revelation!

Mandy Edwards,
Sell Division

The training was one of the most useful training sessions I have done this year. It has really changed how I think about approaching presentations. I now realise I need to think about how I use my voice to make the content authoritative, lively and entertaining.

Reuters and Extranet product manager
BT Ipswich

Very many thanks for the excellent seminar. We found it informative and very enjoyable. It will be very beneficial when coaching. I recommend your seminars for all sports coaching.

Monica Irvine
‘Coaching for Coaches’, Reading

Tuition has been a pleasant experience owing to the professionalism of Priscilla and her extensive knowledge. She has helped me with pronunciation, timing, breathing, presentation and improved my confidence.

Adrian Scott

Thoroughly enjoyed the whole afternoon. Interesting, participative and fun. All the key ingredients of outstanding and memorable training.

Rachel Davies
Peak Performance Training

I have had only a few sessions with Priscilla but my speaking abilities and confidence are growing daily. Understanding the power of the voice, tone, pitch, power and a host of other techniques makes all the difference. Her careful approach to my needs as a business man is taken into account and I am looking forward to working further with her over the coming months. The feedback from my presentations has changed from “they were ok” to "they are great, fantastic, fun” and I have gained more business as a consequence

Richard S Mitchell
C&V Data Management Services ltd

If you have any concerns or needs regarding public speaking or getting the best from your voice, then Loud and Clear is for you. Besides her great professional ability and experience, Priscilla will help you improve even if you are an expert speaker. Besides being great fun - I can honestly say that Priscilla is one of those professionals who "really does what it says on the tin".

Gordon Diffey
The Internet Marketeer

I used Priscilla's services for voice coaching quite a few years ago. If you are nervous about speaking to a meeting of 6, 60 or 600 give Priscilla a call now - it will be the most "profitable" call you will ever make!

John Fox
Bevan Fox insurance Brokers

"Priscilla’s wonderfully supportive and constructive approach to voice coaching has helped me to feel comfortable in all kinds of situations. Although I was already used to giving presentations, her help with diction and breathing techniques have given me the further edge I needed in presenting at all levels. I now have greater confidence and my speaking is more professional, more polished, and more consistent every time."

Rudolph Durham
St James Place Partnership

"Priscilla Morris combines professionalism and approachability in such a way that one immediately has confidence in her ability to assist. Her knowledge is extensive and practical and she demonstrates at every level the benefits of following her methods."

Ruth Ingram,
Ruth Ingram Ltd

“I really enjoyed the day, a great balance of learning and practicing”

Theresa Thornton
Clearskies Consultancy

“Very interactive, easy to understand with highly effective communication methods”

Sanjay Rajput
360 Red Productions Ltd

“Walking through the basic steps allows and offers a grounded understanding that anyone can apply to their own industry. It’s a fantastic start for me”

Paul Lees
Legends International

“So much useful information. Just the breathing exercise made it worthwhile. The difference it made in my voice volume was amazing”

Jaqui Crooks
Beacon Training

“A very useful course with plenty of tips that I can use as an advocate in court - voice projection and control of my voice will also assist with confidence when speaking to large groups”

Gemma Cole
Mander Cruickshank Solicitors

“A very enjoyable course, really nicely presented. Will definitely help with any public speaking I may have”

Mark Scarrett
Sturgess Hutchinson Accountants

Loud & Clear gave an excellent voice and pronunciation training programme to a new minister, the Revd. Paskal Clement in autumn 2008. Paskal had originally learnt his English from Belgian missionaries in Lahore, Pakistan. For him to have an effective public ministry in Leicester, attention needed to be given to his English. This was admirably undertaken by Priscilla Morris and after 5 sessions with Loud & Clear, my colleague improved dramatically. Now he is confident and articulate and continues to use the vocal exercises that were suggested to him. Congregations and audiences can hear what he has to say more easily. I recommend Loud & Clear for anyone who needs help with public speaking in English.

Revd. Michael Rusk
Team rector, St. Peter's, Oadby, Leics.

Thank you for a fantastic 'Tastee' of your skills. everyone enjoyed your seminar.

Petra Darnell
Pertemps Birmingham

Many thanks for coming to see us last week - the feedback was extremely positive. Although people were a bit unsure beforehand, all really enjoyed the day and felt that they gained useful tools with which to project their voice and speak more clearly. Understanding how the voice works has certainly helped my communication with others. Doing the exercises in the car is fun and I have not had any funny looks yet!

Other comments included:
‘Very informative, easy to understand and lots of interesting information!’

‘I found yesterday thoroughly enjoyable. It certainly gave me food for thought and made me realise how much I don’t look after my voice !!’

‘Have already started putting things into practice, ie sitting up straight when on the phone at work and trying to smile when I speak’ J

‘Just a quick line to mention my surprise in relation to the training on Tuesday. I was not looking forward to it at all. My concerns were unwarranted. Whilst I may be an ‘old dog’ I feel I have on this occasion learnt some new tricks.’

The group photo is also attached.

Neil Robbie BSc(Hons) MBA MIET
R M Adjusting Ltd, Manchester

I attended one of Priscilla's 'Be Vocal For Success' presentations and was amazed at how much I learned in such a short taster session. If you're serious about how you present yourself to the world then I thoroughly recommend listening to what Priscilla has to say.

Hannah MacCleod
Yellow Creative

I’ve recently trained as a Humanist celebrant and I conduct non-religious yet meaningful funerals, baby namings and weddings. Although I’d given public presentations in my previous career, Priscilla’s help has enabled me to improve my public speaking voice for ceremonies which may take place outdoors or in a crowded venue. She has given me useful techniques to project and increase the range of my voice.

Sylvie Summer
Humanist celebrant

Thank you very much indeed for your recent visit to talk to us again at Coventry branch. Our members thoroughly enjoy your talks and the instruction you give to them to assist with their breathing problems. The lady you saw separately was particularly pleased.

Miss D. Ebbrell
Parkinson's Society, Coventry

Priscilla is a joy to watch and listen to. Her passion for refining the spoken word is infectious and I would recommend highly both Voice Matters and Dynamic Speaking. I came away with valuable exercises to protect and develop the voice, and valued greatly the feedback from Priscilla and other delegates. Public speaking and communicating in general are an art that can be learned and refined with expert help. Money well spent!

Nicola Turner
B'spoke HR Ltd

'The introduction really put the rest of the session into context. The mix of group and pair exercises made for a really comfortable atmosphere to try my techniques out'

'In the office, on the phone, I've been made aware of my lack of good posture. I feel I have increased my confidence to do better in this area.'

When talking to large groups of students this session made me more aware of pronunciation. I will speak more clearly from now on'

'Just the right timescale, relevant and great context. Priscilla's expertise in this area is excellent which allows for a confident, energised delivery'

'The interactive elements, putting exercises into practice were engaging and relevant. There was humour but that did not detract from the seriousness of the content'

'The session was very interesting and has raised my awareness of the importance of the voice when talking to people'

'I found the activities focused around pitch and tone very interesting and useful'

'I learnt much more than I had expected to. Interactive parts were enjoyable and fun without being overly daft'

Leicester Education Business Company - February 2010
Bespoke Workshop

I just wanted to say a huge 'thank you' for your presentation yesterday at Da Vinci in Market Harborough. Everyone had very positive feedback and you generated a lot of interest.

Liz Seaton, Recruitment Manager, Vanilla Recruitment (UK) Ltd - 25 February 2010

I just thought I would give you some feedback about how my talk went. I remembered all of your helpful advice and it went really well. Once I got in front of a real audience it was actually a lot easier as I just went into the mindset I get in for delivering training which helped with confidence, varying pitch and being more natural. I remembered to look just above their heads and to pause and take deep breaths and it really helped. I was approached by several people afterwards who said they had really enjoyed it. I also received the following e-mail feedback which is brilliant:

“Hi Jenny,
Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for a great presentation last week.
After sitting through a number of uninspiring presentations during the event I was starting to think it probably hadn’t been a great use of our training and development budget.
Your seminar brought not only a sense of relief (in that I had got something worthwhile from the event) but also stimulated a great many ideas”

Just thought it would be nice for you to have some feedback and just wanted to say thanks for helping me to make this a success.

Jenny Hamilton 12 March 2010

This was a really valid exercise, I feel far more confident following the course in controlling what I say and how I say it.

Jason Oram, 23 March 2010
Essex Abel Accountants

A big thank you, I will try to put this into practice.

Martin Wood, 23 March 2010
Internet Essentials Ltd

This was a really valid exercise, I feel far more confident following the course in controlling what I say and how I say it.

Daniel Bennett, 23 March 2010
EDF Energy

Members and guests left Leicester Tigers on March 1st after being put through their vocal paces by Priscilla Morris of Loud & Clear voice coaching. Through some fun exercises and interactivity this trained voice coach gave the room an insight into why most of us don't use our speech to its full advantage. It will be interesting to hear those 1 minute presentations from now on! There were some great hands-on exercises which kept the tables buzzing, as well as hints and tips to get the most out of your voice. A lot was crammed into 45 minutes, which was a taster for the regular workshops that Loud & Clear run. Not only is Priscilla a very sought after speaker, she certainly has a lot of positive attitude and spirit.

Craig Bunday, 1 March 2010
The Business Club, Leicester. Tigers Rugby Club

The vocal coaching I received from Loud & Clear was excellent. I am a blind speaker who wanted to improve aspects of my speech. After several consultations and practising voice exercises I started noticing vast improvements. People remarked on how impressive my speeches sounded. I am very pleased because I have an increased understanding of how my voice works and how I can consciously manipulate it. This is one of the most important and worthwhile investments I have made in my development as a speaker. Loud & Clear are sensitive towards all kinds of needs and will accommodate anybody wherever possible. I would not hesitate to recommend their services. I could not ask for more and may even decide to go for more coaching in future. Well worth the 2 hour journey on the train!

Lee Greatbatch 12 April 2010

A big thank you to those of you who attended last weeks Leadership Lunch. The feedback has again been universally positive which is in no small way to the fantastic presentation courtesy of Priscilla Morris and Richard Lloyd Owen. Forty minutes of information, education, interaction and fun focused on the power of oral communication. All in all a great success.

Mark Tonks Associates, 22 April 2010
Leadership Lunch,Aston Wood Gold Club

Have to say absolutely stunning. That was the first 4Sight I did today with no notes & easily the best one I've ever done. The pausing, the pace, everything about it. Dragon’s Den audition tomorrow so fingers crossed that will go well too. Brilliant, Priscilla, absolutely brilliant. Well done you!

Brad Burton

Priscilla’s vocal training session has had a positive impact on us all. The explanation of voice as a tool and the variety of practical tasks has heightened our awareness of our communication techniques.
We’ve benefited from the training in all aspects of our lives; from working with businesses, schools and young people through to working with our colleagues and even away from work.
The entire team's feedback was extremely positive immediately following the event and has continued to be so ever since.
We really enjoyed working with Priscilla, she put us at ease and we hope to work with her again some time soon.

Phil Clooney, 17 February 2010
LEBC, Leicester - Vocal Impact Training Session

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for coming to our team meeting. The presentation you gave was excellent and the team clearly listened intently to what you had to say as several referred back to what you had taught us throughout the day.

Gillian Francis, 10 August 2010
Barclays Business manager, Leicester

I just want to say a huge thank you for coming over to Esporta and giving a talk to some of my group members. They were inspired by your ideas and what it could mean to them if/when they applied the principles you taught. I too was pleased to be reminded of how important speech is and that within 30 seconds the opinion of you has been formed. Your professionalism, your delivery and your knowledge is a joy to behold. From the feedback I have received I fell sure that some of them will want to see you again. Once again thank you so much, you are an inspiration to us all.

Avril Mitchell, July 2010

Thank you very much for an excellent presentation at the CIPS Northants Branch event yesterday evening. Everyone who I spoke to enjoyed it and was very interested in your comments about and the examples you gave of the importance of using one's voice correctly in any work-related situation. As you said , many people just never think much about their voices.

In the meantime, thank you once again for your time and input yesterday and for helping to ensure that the evening was such a success.

Peter Parry, November 2010
Cerbera Ltd

Mike WebbIf you have never met Priscilla, when you do you will never forget the impact she has on you professionally and personally. She practices what she preaches and is always, positive, refreshing to be around, enthusiastic to say the least, loud and very clear...lol Her blog is always educational and informative and recently she gave tips on delivering on speaking events. This has proved very useful to me personally and professionally. So whether this is for your work, presentations or just a social/personal/special event give Priscilla a call, because practice makes perfect. Many thanks Priscilla.

Mike Webb
Healthy Employee Consultancy Ltd

Graeme HawleyGraeme Hawley – The Stage, 26 July 2012

Graeme Hawley remembered as Coronation Street villain John Stape and for a host of TV and theatre parts, Graeme Hawley takes on the role of Satan in the York Mystery Plays. The plays will be staged in a purpose-built auditorium in front of St Mary’s Abbey which is in York Museum Gardens.


How big is the stage?
Absolutely huge, awesome is the only word. We can do everything on such a scale, Noah’s Flood, the Slaughter of the Innocents, the entry into Jerusalem. The stage starts to climb upwards, having various different levels, towards the windows of the abbey. The windows are effectively the gates to heaven and you see heaven beyond. I don't get to spend a lot of time up there as you can imagine.

How affecting has reading the Mystery Plays being for you?
That realisation that you are involved in a piece that's been told for hundreds of years and significantly here in York, for the people of York. Many people around today have performed in them and their ancestors from hundreds of years ago. You look up at the Minster and the abbey. The bricks and the mortar and the stone of the city blend into the text you're reading. The walls of the city are connected intimately with the words on that page.

Where did you where did you train?
I did quite a lot of TV as a youngster and when I was 16 I was very keen to carry on being an actor. I heard that Stratord-upon-Avon college offered a brilliant theatre studies course run pretty much like a drama school. In fact, the Mystery Plays were part of the syllabus So I used to travel two hours in the morning to get there from Hinckley and two hours back. The course was run by a guy called Gordon Vallins who actually created A-level theatre studies, setting up the first course. He had been involved with theatre in education at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry in the 1960s.

What about your earlier career?
We lived in a village called Higham-on-the-Hill and my parents were involved in the community pantomime. Half the village was involved. I played Willie Willie Winkie. Then I was in Oliver at the Concordia Theatre, Hinckley. Someone suggested I have lessons with Priscilla Morris who had a speech and drama group in Hinckley and I did. I went to an audition for ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ in Leicester, got it and it all spiralled from.

Do you have a hobby?
I’ve started playing cricket for a team in Todmorden where I live. Basically we’re just a ragtag group who, for whatever reason, can't get into other teams. We’ll play anybody. I’m the world’s worst batsmen and bowler but the fact that I used to be ‘that killer in Coronation Street’ usually get us extra sandwiches when we play away - so I am popular. I also watch Coventry City when I can, always with my dad.

Graeme Hawley

I attended a course with Priscilla with the aim of being clearer with my speech in order to get my point across more effectively. Priscilla breaks down the actions of speech in a simple and understandable way. She utilizes exercises that are fun and breaks down barriers to aid the understanding of the students. 
In all, it was a thoroughly useful course that I would recommend to anyone who communicates on a professional level. Priscilla practices what she preaches and is therefore an excellent teacher.

Allan Lathan
Lathan Electrical Services

I meet and enjoy chatting to many people each and every day - so my voice is an important part of my business! Priscilla provided me with expert advice on controlling my voice so that I was no longer "hoarse" at the end of each day. She even helped me to remove certain aspects of my Coventry accent. I no longer say "broight and loight!", I now say "bright and light! ". I can fully recommend Priscilla's voice coaching so that you remain "Loud and Clear!

Steve Chadwick
Martin & Co

I've attended several of Priscilla's seminars and found them to be informative and very practical, as well as fun. Priscilla has a vast amount of knowledge on all things about the voice and she puts everyone at ease, and gives very constructive feedback.

Pat Parkin
Essentials Beauty & Health Clinic

Priscilla is a true expert in her field as a voice coach. Not only that she's great fun to work with and her energy and enthusiasm for coaching and teaching are commendable. You're assured of a fun and rewarding coaching experience whether you choose her for personal coaching or attend one of her many and varied seminars

Andrew KNight
DBL Driver Training and Consultancy

I have heard Priscilla speak on many occasions and attended her courses. She is inspiring and a great coach. The best testimonial I can give for her is as follows: a person I met regularly at networking that was fun, enthusiastic and interesting to talk to in person, always sounded dry and dull during their presentations. I then heard them after a gap of a few weeks and couldn’t believe I was listening to the same person and the same words. The presentation was lively, engaging and I actually listened to what they were saying instead of tuning out. Turned out they had been having some “one to one” sessions with Priscilla.

Joanne Warren
Sunrise Business Support

I have had a variety of presentation and voice training over the years, but having recently started my own Business Coaching Firm I was compelled to use Priscilla following many positive comments from those that have already used her skills. I found her style very accommodating and engaging and she made the whole learning experience an enjoyable and fun one. Of course for me it was about results. I can say that the training given, provided me with some brand new "golden nuggets" that will be valuable to me forever and gave me a greater level of confidence when presenting or indeed just "networking". I can confidently say that I have seen a return on my investment "plus some" as a result of a Priscilla's coaching.

Mark Jennings

Thank you very much for an excellent presentation at the CIPS Northants Branch event yesterday evening. Everyone who I spoke to enjoyed it and was very interested in your comments about and the examples you gave of the importance of using one's voice correctly in any work-related situation. As you said , many people just never think much about their voices.

In the meantime, thank you once again for your time and input yesterday and for helping to ensure that the evening was such a success.

Peter Parry
Cerbera Ltd

I have really noticed an improvement with the guys presentation skills and their general confidence speaking in a large group - thank you very much for the help that you have given us; Colin also thanked me for nominating him to attend, along with the other delegates he has learnt a lot through you.

James Harrison
National Grid

Thank you so much for your coaching sessions leading up to the Dynamic Public Speaking event. It was of great benefit and helped me tremendously on the big day.

Of particular benefit was the ability to practice ‘pauses’ at strategic places which helped to ‘emphasise’ certain parts of the speech and allowed the listener to ‘take-in’ what had just been said. Practicing also meant that I could portray an air of confidence even if on the inside I was severely lacking in it!

I will certainly be recommending you to others.

Paul Sugden
Tonwn'sWeb Archiving Ltd

Priscilla's approach and developmental feedback have proved to be invaluable. She is able to put individuals and groups at their ease to get the best out of the sessions. I've learned new skills and techniques, which I've been able to apply successfully in practical situations receiving feedback from colleagues about the positive difference they are seeing. My confidence has grown significantly and in the next month I will be able to use what I've learned in entirely new situations as I embark on a different direction in my career. Thanks Priscilla and I look forward to continuing our work."

Kathryn Thomas
Strategy and Commercial Manager, The Co-operative Banking Group

Priscilla’s coaching helped me to see that a set of simple techniques can be used to improve voice control and that real and tangible improvements can be made by anyone. She has both theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject and combines this with her own excellent communication skills to get the message across. My voice has increased in volume and clarity. Thanks Priscilla.

John Potter
Product Director G4S Monitoring Technologies,

My voice has increased in volume, clarity and my vocal range is improving. All of this has made a significant improvement to my performances along with your critique on the routines we have worked on. The course I attended was also useful to reinforce our individual sessions. Thank you again and I will recommend your services to others.

Mark Traverzoni
The Magic Zone

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